Thursday, May 26

clearSkies Signals a Cleaner Future for Fireplaces and Stoves

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There is positive news concerning the future of fireplaces and stoves, especially their impact on the environment.

The unveiling of clearSkies”, an ‘objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces’, is set to be a real game changer.

Initiated by the Stove Industry Alliance, the clearSkies mark is the first of its kind and has been welcomed by a number of UK government departments and industry groups.

What are the clearSkies Scheme objectives?

  • To incentivise the development of cleaner more efficient stoves and fireplaces.
  • Provide a nationally recognised standard of verified appliance performance in terms of emissions and efficiency.
  • To identify, by means of the clearSkies mark, products that achieve defined requirements at or beyond those defined by ecodesign.
  • To enable products in the market to be differentiated on the basis of emissions and energy performance, facilitating informed product selection by purchasers.


The scheme includes both solid fuel local space heaters and solid fuel local space heater boilers. It uses a certification system from 2 to 5, which will makes it easier for customers to work out which appliances have a higher efficiency and give out lesser emissions.

What this means is that all appliances certified under the new clearSkies label meet or exceed the efficiency and emissions requirements for forthcoming Ecodesign 2022 regulations. All level 3 or above clearSkies certified appliances are also Defra exempt for us in smoke control zones.

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