Thursday, February 25

Direct Stoves – Be Winter Prepared

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The nights and days are undoubtedly colder and darker, especially now the clocks have gone back. With plenty of time being spent at home over the next few weeks and months, you’ll no doubt be looking to fire your stove up very soon.

Before you do though, there are some key pointers to remember. Below, we take you through some very important stove checks before that first light.

  • Check your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly by using the test button. (More info here)
  • Ensure your chimney has been swept, that the chimney pot is in good condition and not cracked, and that no rain or bird guards have inadvertently dropped down.
  • It is also an idea to ensure your stove and chimney have both been checked and serviced if it they have not been used for some time.
  • Check that outside vents are clear, and that the air controls on your stove move easily
  • Ensure the glass and door seal rope is in good condition
  • Check that the door shuts firmly on your stove
  • Use a small amount of kindling to check that the smoke is taken up the flue, before heading outside to make sure the smoke leaves the chimney as expected (more info here)
  • Ensure that your fuel is dry, and that it doesn’t have a moisture level above 20% (more info here)

With all of this sorted you’re ready to go, and you can use our guide on How to Get the Most Heat From a Wood Burner for more tricks and tips.


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