Direct Stoves Delivery Information

At Direct Stoves, we pride ourselves in offering a FREE* one-man delivery service to all mainland UK postcodes. Many of us are used to seeing delivery charges especially for larger items and even more so if you live in a remote location. At Direct Stoves it is FREE*

We can also offer FREE DELIVERY of Stoves to Northern Ireland at present.

While we would love to extend this service to everywhere in Great Britain, unfortunately in selected areas, we are unable to absorb the costs in our very competitive pricing structure. We do unfortunately have to charge our customers for deliveries to the following locations, Northern Ireland (not stoves), The Channel Islands, The Isle of Man, The Isle of Wight, and all other Offshore Islands. In these cases we will contact you to update you with the delivery charge (We will soon be updating our website so this will be updated at checkout so please bear with us while we move to this change). We can delivery free to mainland UK shipping agents that specialize in offshore deliveries. We suggest you arrange this before placing your order and specify the name/ delivery address/reference number for your chosen agent in the delivery address. We can of course advise you of companies we are aware and have experience of but cannot take any responsibility for their actions or pricing.

Direct Stoves and our Direct Delivery partners aim to deliver all our orders on the selected delivery date that you have chosen at checkout or have been updated with from our Dispatch Team. At present as you might be aware there has been increased pressure on delivery networks especially those involving heavy goods primarily due to the shortage of drivers, but other local factors can come into play. While we regret any delay these incidents are beyond our control but rest assured, we will work with you to secure the best outcome we can and will get back to you as soon as we have a response. Please bear with us as we do not necessarily get an immediate response to delivery enquiries from depots directly or via our partners.

Please note that when placing your order on our site, while we have a vast range of products available for 48-hour delivery (Monday-Friday), several of our products have estimated delivery dates or lead times that we are working to. Our team is constantly updating these with information received from our suppliers but unfortunately due to factors that are beyond our control sometimes our suppliers find that they are unable to keep to them for a particular product which we can only apologise for. We are constantly following up on all our customer orders and we will update you with any changes that occur. Occasionally we make mistakes and if the lead time is incorrect on our site, we apologise in advance for this and will do our best to resolve any issues that we have caused.



  1. FREE* One-Man Delivery to All UK Mainland Postcodes. (Please see Points 8/9 if you are not in on the selected delivery date.)
  2. Low-Cost Delivery to all other Great Britain, Northern Ireland (not stoves), and Channel Island Postcodes. (Please see Points 8/9 if you are not in on the selected delivery date.)
  3. The goods are delivered by a national pallet delivery service. The majority of lorries are fitted with a tail lift and are the equivalent size of a fire engine. Please note that if you live in a property that might have access issues for this type of vehicle, please let us know in advance to avoid disappointment. We would recommend using the 2-man delivery service in these cases as they use smaller vans and can help you in to your house with the items. If we are unable to deliver due to access issues, we would have to charge a redelivery fee which would be dependent on costings for arranging a non-standard vehicle
  4. The local delivery depots are updating their customer notification systems, and many offer a text message service to let you know an approximate time of delivery. The larger vans often do a morning and afternoon run so if you have not had a text by 10am you would be on the afternoon run and you would be texted from 1 pm. (Please note that not all depots have this service, and we cannot promise that the times can be kept to due to local conditions on the day).
  5. The drivers are contracted to deliver the item to your property and must use a pallet truck to lift/move the goods which are normally quite heavy and can be up to 1mtr wide (occasionally larger). If they cannot operate the pallet truck safely due to gravel/stone drives, steps, or slopes as examples they will only be able to leave the item at the first available access point. They will try to assist as best they can but can only stay at each property for a limited period. They will try to assist as best they can but can only stay at each property for a limited period. They cannot bring the goods inside your house and will leave the goods with you on the delivery pallet.
  6. The drivers will ask you to sign for the goods. Please check them thoroughly and sign for the goods noting the condition they arrived in. Please contact us on 0161 376 4191 option 2 or email [email protected] if you believe the product is damaged on arrival.
  7. Following delivery, can we please ask you to check the goods thoroughly within 48 hours so if in the unlikely event that there is any visible damage, we can contact the manufacturer so we can jointly resolve any issues. Any reports after this timescale limit our/the manufacturer's ability to accept responsibility for any damage. Please contact us on 0161 376 4191 option 2 or email [email protected] if you believe the product is damaged.
  8. If you are not going to be in at the time of delivery and require the item to be left, please email us confirming this. Please note that if the item is left under these circumstances, we cannot take any responsibility for any damage that might have occurred in the delivery process or for any other events because of us leaving the stove with your permission.
  9. If you are not in on the designated delivery day, we will try, if possible, to contact you so we can make delivery. Drivers will only stay on site for a short period (5-10 minutes approximately) as they have other customers to deliver to. If we are unable to deliver the item, we will have to charge a £40 re-delivery fee.
  10. If the goods have been shipped and are on the way to you in line with the preferred delivery date, confirmed date or estimated date any cancellation or amendment to the order after this time will result in the goods being returned to us or a supplier will be treated in the same way as a return. The costs for returns are in our return policy.


  1. In some cases, our suppliers directly deliver on our behalf to our customers.
  2. In most cases, you will not notice any difference as certain suppliers work in the same way as we do by being able to offer delivery dates during the order process.
  3. Certain products which are size and weight dependant will be dispatched on general couriers such as DPD and UPS (as examples) rather than the pallet networks. It is possible that part of your order such as fitting kits and liner packs will come via these networks, and we will always ask for these to be delivered on the same day as your stove unless otherwise requested.
  4. In cases where suppliers offer varying lead times, these will be displayed on our online platform and our dispatch team will email you with the relevant information to keep you informed regarding delivery and the suppliers will contact you directly in these circumstances to arrange delivery. We will of course be constantly checking up on your order.


  1. As you might have seen on the news the UK Delivery Networks are facing unprecedented issues mainly because of a lack of trained delivery drivers for larger vehicles. This unfortunately is an issue that cannot be quickly resolved and effects all delivery depots across the UK and will potentially have a bigger impact in the later months of the year. We know the Road Haulage Association, Delivery Companies and Government are working on some short-term solutions such as increasing drivers working hours and various providers are training and testing drivers as quickly as possible.
  2. We work very closely with our delivery partners to try and alleviate any issues that do occur but along with other users of these networks’ delays are beyond our control and we might not receive these updates until the day or even after the delivery has been missed. I am afraid that we cannot take responsibility for any costs involved in your order missing its delivery day/slot.
  3. We will try and contact you if we know that your delivery will be subject to a delay, or the selected date cannot be met. We can only apologise in advance if you are affected but we will ensure that we will work with you and the delivery companies to try and resolve any issues.
  4. Certain postcodes are affected more than others and we have noted that delivery companies will let us know in advance if they cannot offer the standard services. We will let you know in any delivery confirmation email if your area is affected, and we cannot make the selected delivery date. In these cases deliveries are usually offered on a book in service by delivery depots and they will contact you directly.

If you have any questions or need to enquire about the services we offer please email [email protected].


* Please be aware that we are not able to offer free delivery on Chimney Liners that are purchased separately. See Product Page For Details.