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Warm Up Your Winter With Our Outdoor Heaters

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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, those outside meet ups mean that you’re likely to be shivering into your Chardonnay. Fear not though, as we have a solution.

Dive into the Direct Stoves website; where you’ll find our Outdoor Heating range, perfect for keeping the cold at bay this winter!

We have range of gas patio heaters which are guaranteed to provide heat and light, and create a unique and cosy atmosphere. On top of that, for those who love the crackling of the flames and the smell of the smoke, we have a range of fire pits to bring a wonderfully authentic heat source.

For use in the garden, patio or on a terrace, this wide selection of products will allow you to socialize outdoors without fear of freezing up.

Read on to discover some of our favourites from the warming world of gas patio heaters and fire pits and more.

Chesneys Clean Burn XL Outdoor Garden Stove

If you really, really want to treat someone this Christmas then right here is the answer. It’s no secret that Chesney’s deal in nothing but the best – and this item screams luxury. With a gorgeous landscape format, the flexibility to be positioned just where you want it, plus ample storage for logs – this truly is the ultimate Christmas toy.

The Chesneys Clean Burn XL produces a huge amount of heat from its prodigious chamber. Doors at both ends and simple, responsive control levers and removable ash trays make cleaning and loading easy. Despite its impressive heat output, the XL boasts smoke limiting technology, ensuring that emissions are kept to the minimum, even when going full blast.

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Woodford Black Umbrella Gas Patio Heater

Pictured along with the aforementioned Chesneys CleanBurn XL, this stylish Umbrella gas heater provides light and heat wherever you want to create a unique and cosy atmosphere with the fire visible on all four sides.

Looking perfect anywhere as an elegant decoration for your terrace or garden, the attractive appearance and pleasurable warmth of the Patio Heater will make gardens and terraces full of guests during winter evenings, and then into the spring, summer as well.

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L’Bode Outdoor Fireplace

Designed using modern techniques and state of the art equipment, L’Bode’s outdoor fireplace offers a comfortable, safe and warming environment to your outside space. Allowing for maximum air circulation, this outdoor fire is designed, developed and distributed from the L’Bode factory in the North West  With the aim of bringing the warmth of home outside. It does so in some style, with each wood burner hand crafted to develop its own unique rusting process.

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Charnwood Fireball Fire Pit

At just £129, the Charnwood Fireball Fire Pit is an absolute steal. Not only does its flat packed, self assembly design mean that you’ll be kept busy for a few hours, you get a real sense of connection with the finished product. Once completed, you’ll have a unique looking, warming fire pit that will naturally oxidise over time. All that is required is an hour of your time, pair of pliers, gloves and a hammer and you’ll end up with hours of satisfaction.

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As part of a range that also incudes the Woodford Black Mini Gas Patio Heater and the Woodford Steel Mini Gas Patio Heater, we’re honing in on this gorgeous white version. With its elegant decoration and glass enclosed fuel bed, the fire within will be visible from all four sides – while it’s shorter size adds a subtlety that will suit some spaces perfectly.

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Morso Kamino Fire Pit

Sleek, stylish and solidly made, this cast iron fire pit will help to extend the use of your patio by bringing some much needed warmth. It can be turned in relation to the wind and also, to best suit the arrangement of your outdoor space- plus the slimline flue will help to direct any smoke away from yourself and others, while the open fuel bed allows you to view the crackling flames totally unobstructed.

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Woodford Black Gas Patio Heater

The Woodford Black Gas Patio Heater uses a modern ceramic burner, plus its customisable options allow you to enhance the look of the flame bed with decorative elements such as stones or glass. On top of that, its unique  four sided glass feature means that it acts as a garden lamp as well as a heater. Added to that, the modern ceramic burner creates a natural fire within.

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Hex Garden Fire Pit

Sometimes simplicity is the best way, and with the Hex Garden Fire Pit you get exactly that. The high quality free-standing garden fire pit is unique and extremely modern decoration created for the most demanding users of terraces and gardens. It can be an interesting decorative element and at the same time create a nice and cosy atmosphere. Our new Woodford Gloves are not just another regular stove gloves. The outside part of the gloves is manufactured of highest quality technical fabrics easily resisting +500°C and sewn with Kevlar braided stainless steel thread. Inner lining is made of soft, very cosy-felling but durable furniture covering cloth.

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Morso Jiko Fire Pit

The Morso Jiko is a small, wood-fired African inspired outdoor stove that is serviceable as a fire pit, but also excellent for cooking in the open. Morsø Jiko makes it possible to bring the well-known Morsø qualities from the terrace into nature to cook authentic food on open fire.

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Gallery Collection Teepee Outdoor Fireplace

“Snow is falling, all around me…” Well, that may be the case but at least you’ll be toasty warm next to the Wanders Flintstone Outdoor Fire from Gallery Collection – or the Teepee as we’re affectionately naming it – which is a real talking point of any outside space.

There are two types of finish available for this product. One is a sleek and simple black finish, while the alternative Corten construction finish allows for this product’s aesthetic to develop over the years, with a distinct weathered effect the outcome of using this outdoor fireplace for a good length of time.

The unusual looking firebox will keep you intrigued as you watch logs smoulder and flames flicker, and all the while you can enjoy the output of heat in your garden, or patio – perfect for summer garden parties that last long into the night.

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Chesneys Clean Burn Outdoor Garden Stove

The Chesney’s Clean Burn is the ideal heater for those who already have a barbecue and love to spend their time outdoors, the clean burn is purely an outdoor garden stove, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to fire pits. As well as that, doesn’t it look amazing? As far as winter warmers go, you won’t find one much better than this…

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Whatever happens this winter, you can enjoy your great outdoors in the garden or on the patio, enjoy the festivities with family and friends and stay nice and toasty warm the entire time…

Haven’t seen what you’re looking for? Browse all of our Gas Patio Heaters and Fire Pits in our Outdoor Heating range, or give us a call at Direct Stoves for some more help!

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