Celsi Electric Stoves

Occupying a unique place in the market for their cinematic use of real-look electric flames, a Celsi electric stove will make a stunning addition to your living room.

Frontrunners in home-heating tech, the Celsi electristove features their tell-tale electriflame 3D flame effect, an enviable display of soothing heat that’s really easy to adjust. Variable flame dimmers ensure you’ve got complete control over intensity - essentially allowing you to sit back and enjoy the atmospherics. The Purastove selection even allows you to change the flame picture and select of range of real flame sounds with 5 volume levels.

To find the perfect Celsi stove for your living room - and for the full sight and sound experience of a stellar electric stove - browse below or contact our expert team. If you buy today, you can take advantage of our flexible finance, price match promise and FREE delivery!