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Direct Stoves are an authorised premier dealer of Charnwood stoves. That means we can bring you access to the premium range of Charnwood wood burners and multifuel stoves. It also means we offer a 10 year warranty on every stove, which combined with our 0% finance, makes us the perfect choice when you’re ready to buy a Charnwood stove.

Charnwood has a rich heritage in stoves. It was founded in 1972 by the Wells family and it is still run by the same family today. They have been manufacturing a distinctive range of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves that have become synonymous with quality while their progressive design features are constantly making their products easier to use.

The Charnwood C-Series is one of their best known ranges; an innovative selection of wood burning stoves including the Charnwood C4, Charnwood C5 and Charnwood C6. Like most stoves from the brand, they are efficient, easy to use and Defra approved so you can burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

For general stoves enquiries please contact us, we will be happy to assist you in making the ideal choice for your home.

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  1. Charnwood Country 4 Blu Ecodesign Wood Stove
    Charnwood Country 4 Blu Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove
    Special Price £1,049.95 Regular Price £1,140.00
    • In Stock
  2. Charnwood Aire 3 Blu Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove
  3. Charnwood C-Four BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood and Multifuel StoveCharnwood C-Four Defra Approved Multifuel Stove
  4. Charnwood Cranmore 3 Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove
  5. Charnwood Aire 3 Blu Store Stand Eco-Design Ready Wood Burning Stove
  6. Charnwood C-five BLU stove in Matt Black finish
  7. Country Living Bembridge Wood Burning Stove by Charnwood- Exclusive soft green finish
  8. Charnwood C Six BLU Multifuel Stove in matt black finish
  9. Charnwood Aire Blu Ecodesign Wood Stove
  10. Charnwood Aire Log Store Stove with Charnwood Stove Pod in matt black finish
  11. Charnwood Cranmore 5 Wood Burning Stove
  12. Charnwood Aire Blu Ecodesign Wood Stove with Store Stand
  13. Charnwood Bay 5 VL Inset Stove
  14. Charnwood C Seven BLU Stove
  15. Charnwood Cranmore 7 Wood Burning Stove
    Charnwood Cranmore 7 Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove
    • Est Delivery Late July
  16. Charnwood Aire 7 Ecodesign Ready Wood Burning Stove
  17. Charnwood C-Eight BLU Ecodesign Ready Stove
  18. Charnwood Aire 7 Ecodesign Ready Wood Burning Log Store Stove
  19. Charnwood Island One Blu Ecodesign Stove
  20. Charnwood Arc 5kW Defra Wood Stove - black finish
  21. Charnwood Bay 5 BX DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove

Items 1-24 of 35

of 2
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