Stove Installation

Get the Portway Arundel multifuel stove installed from just £1749

Are you unsure if you can have a stove, but you’ve seen one you really, really want?

That’s exactly what we are here for; to help make stove installation simple and straightforward. 

You might be thinking:

What Building Regulations Are There for Installing a Stove?

Can You Install a Stove in an Existing Fireplace?

I Don’t Have a Chimney - Can I Have a Stove?

It might be you simply need help finding the stove that would best suit your space, and then understanding the installation process itself, in which case we offer a video survey service.

Our Video Survey Service

Our video survey service allows you to speak to a member of our trusted team to show them the room in which you will be having your stove installed.

From this, we will be able to establish some major factors:

Firstly, the important one, whether you can have a stove or not.

Secondly, we can find the best stove to meet your requirements in terms of the appropriate kW heat output for the size of room, as well as the style of the stove, its size and the cost.

Lastly, we can give helpful advice about how best to install your stove and inform you of any additional parts and accessories you may need.

You can learn more about this in our blog post: What Parts and Accessories Do I Need to Fit a Stove?

To arrange a video survey, please call our Sales Team on 0161 376 4191 

Trusted Installers

Here at Direct Stoves we do not install, however we know plenty of people who do and can easily arrange this for you - just ask a member of our team during your virtual survey.