Beltane Stoves

Few stoves achieve the ergonomic excellence of Eurostove’s Beltane range - sturdy yet trim, Beltane stoves comes in a range of minimal, trustworthy and efficient designs suitable for all homes.

Here at Direct Stoves, we stock a brilliant selection of precision built Beltane wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, each certain to make a lively focal point. The Beltane Holford, for example, is an inset design, which is ideal for pairing with an existing 3-sided frame fireplace; whereas our freestanding stoves vary in output intensity, from the smaller 3.2kW through to an intense 8kW.

Highly efficient and all featuring an air-wash system that keeps the viewing window clean, now’s the time to shop a pristine, cost-cutting stove. Our Beltane stoves also come with a generous warranty, flexible finance to spread out the cost and even FREE delivery options!