Fontana Forni Pizza Ovens

Fontana Forni, started in 1946 by the Fontana brothers; Bruno, Carlo and Guiseppe, have been manufacturing high-quality ovens for over 70 years. Three generations of Fontanas are now involved in producing top-class reliable ovens for all cooking types.

Their range includes indoor and outdoor ovens, barbecues and grills, all manufactured to the highest quality in San Lorenzo by Italian craftsmen. There is even a new hybrid fuelled oven, the Piero. Powered by both gas and wood, the Piero is the first of a new generation of high-performance outdoor ovens giving the "Chef" a choice of fuels. If time is short, then gas power can be used with a 10 minute "up to temperature" performance, or if time is a little less critical, then wood can be used for the fully authentic traditional Italian outdoor cooking experience.

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