If you’re after a top-selling stove from a leading manufacturer, Charnwood Stoves is the perfect provider for your home.

Charnwood has a rich heritage of more than 40 years, producing leading stoves, such as its famed C-Series, all of which are DEFRA approved, allowing for wood burning in smoke-controlled areas.

The Isle of Wight-based family firm has consistently created innovative and distinctive wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves for private use. No matter which room you want your stove to be positioned, you’ll be sure to have a quality product with Charnwood.

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If you are looking for a quality, innovative stove for your home, here are seven of the best Charnwood stoves available at Direct Stoves:

🔥 Aire; Price: £1,290.00

🔥 Island One Blu; Price: £1,812.00

🔥 Island Two Blu; Price: £1,998.00

🔥 C-Range (Blu Series) C-Four; Price: £1,002.00

🔥 C-Range (Blu Series) C-Five; Price: £1,092.00

🔥 Skye 7; Price: £2,076.00

🔥 Arc 5KW; Price: £1,752.00

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Charnwood Aire Blu EcoDesign Wood Stove

Charnwood’s Aire Blu Stove is an EcoDesign wood-burning stove featuring one of our most impressive flame pictures through its oversize ceramic glass window. The Aire incorporates Charnwood’s unique ‘Blu’ burning technology. This meets with DEFRA exemption limits, therefore, allowing wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke-controlled areas.

Easy to operate and featuring a single air control using Charnwood’s patented ‘Quattroflow’ air management system, excellent fuel efficiency and an exceptional flame picture are guaranteed. The Aire is available in a choice of eight colours.

Price: £1,290.00
Heat Output: 5.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 84%

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Charnwood Island One Blu EcoDesign Ready Stove

Charnwood’s brand-new Island One Blu Stove reimagines the brand’s classic designs for modern, 21st-century living. The Island can connect to external air supplies, particularly in modern airtight homes, while Charnwood’s ‘Quattroflow’ air management system offers ultra-efficient burning. Easy to use, it’s a stove designed for everyone.

Thanks to its converting grate and external controls, you can seamlessly switch from wood to solid fuel. The Island One is available in eight colours and comes with a choice of leg and stand options, ensuring it will be the centrepiece in your home.

Price: £1,812.00
Heat Output: 5.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 85%

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Charnwood Island Two Blu EcoDesign Multi-fuel Stove

Charnwood’s new Island Two multi-fuel stove has been developed to exceed the 2022 EU directives on emissions from heaters. This means it emits fewer harmful CO2, NOx and CO particulates than older models. The new model is more efficient than its predecessor and has greater heat efficiency with an A+ energy rating.

The new Island Two a multi-fuel stove, giving you more fuel choices, and is suitable for use in smoke control zones, thanks to DEFRA approval. Additional ventilation is required unless the external air is connected. The Island is offered with a choice of leg and stand options.

Price: £1,998.00
Heat Output: 8.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 82%

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Charnwood C-Four Blu EcoDesign Ready Wood Stove

The new C-Four Blu stove by Charnwood features a single air control for exceptionally clean burning and efficiency with an A+ energy rating. The C-Four is DEFRA approved, allowing for wood burning in smoke-controlled areas. The model also exceeds the incoming 2022 EU directives for reduced particulates and emissions.

Charnwood’s C-Four is available with a number of options. These include eight colour choices as well as colour-matching flue pipes in 600mm and 900mm sizes. There is also the additional option of a log store, which provides handy storage and extra stove height.

Price: £1,002.00
Heat Output: 4.9kW
Efficiency Rating: 78.30%

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Charnwood C-Five Blu EcoDesign-Ready Wood Burning Stove

Charnwood’s new C-Five Blu EcoDesign releases fewer emissions and particulates, making it ready for the EU’s 2022 directives. This affords you the chance to future-proof your home with a stove that features a beautiful flame pattern when burning. The C-Five Blu includes a single air control system for clean burning and outstanding efficiency.

Like all Charnwood stoves, the C-Five is DEFRA approved, allowing wood to be burnt in smoke-controlled areas. This model also features an outlet for drawing air in externally, improving performance. An optional log store is also available for added storage and height.

Price: £1,092.00
Heat Output: 5.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 75.70%

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Charnwood Skye 7 EcoDesign-Ready Stove

Following Charnwood’s success with its revolutionary 5kw Skye, the brand has launched the Skye 7. The state-of-the-art stove is ultra-efficient, featuring a rating of 86%, and is DEFRA approved, allowing for wood burning in smoke control areas. The Skye 7’slow emissions place it firmly within the EU’s new EcoDesign directives.

A perfect balance between style and function, the Skye has a refreshing style aesthetic that pairs classically minimalist origins with a modern edge. This model is available in eight colours and two sizes, the alternative size featuring a handy log store.

Price: £2,076.00
Heat Output: 7.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 86%

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Charnwood Arc 5 EcoDesign-Ready Stove

Charnwood’s Arc 5 is a revolutionary wood and multi-fuel burning stove. The Arc 5 balances impressive looks with outstanding performance. This model features the brand’s ‘Quattroflow’ air management system, to boast an efficiency of 82% and A+ energy rating. Low emissions place it firmly within the new EU EcoDesign requirements.

DEFRA approved for use in smoke control areas, Charnwood’s Arc 5 features a large glass window as part of a sleek and contemporary design. Available in eight colours, the Arc 5 has the option of a log store for additional storage and an enhanced height.

Price: £1,752.00
Heat Output: 5.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 82%

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