Are you wondering if it’s really worth investing in a pizza oven if all you can cook is pizza - after all, surely even the biggest pizza lovers among us couldn’t eat it every day!

Well, did you know that is just the start of what you can cook in a wood fired pizza oven? There are so many different options and recipes available, both in terms of the style of cooking and the food you can create.

What Foods Can Be Cooked in a Pizza Oven?

The amazing thing about wood fired pizza ovens is just how versatile they are. Just like with your regular oven in your kitchen, you can pretty much cook anything you like - all you need is the right tools and to find the right temperature.

Once you have got the hang of your outdoor pizza oven, you can cook foods such as...

  • Roasted vegetables
  • Baked or grilled fish
  • Slow cooked meats
  • Flamed ribeye steak
  • Smoked and barbecued meats
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Freshly baked bread loaves
  • Focaccia and flatbreads
  • Side dishes such as shrimp, potato wedges and baked feta
  • Stews and casseroles
  • Hot desserts

In fact, you really can be as adventurous as you like!

To help you on your way, many of our outdoor ovens have optional tool kits available to add on to your order. While a pizza peel is pretty much a standard tool, you might also want to invest in things like racks for grilling, cast iron skillets, covered casserole dishes and smoking kits.

The important thing when cooking different foods in your pizza oven is to adjust the temperature accordingly. While pizza needs a very high temperature to achieve a crispy base, baking and roasting needs a lower temperature with a longer cooking time.

Take a look at our wood fired pizza oven temperature chart for a general guide…

Temperature °C What Can You Cook?
90 - 120 Slow cooked meats, ribs and casseroles
150 - 175 Desserts
200 - 230 Crusty breads and focaccia
260 - 290 Roasting turkey, potatoes and fish
290 - 320 Grilling steak, sardines and shrimp
320 - 350 Vegetables
370 - 400 Pizza


If you make the most of each temperature point, you can see how you can keep cooking all day long! Pizza for lunch? Ribs for dinner? Why not make a day of it?

When cooking different foods in your pizza oven, get a feel for how close to the embers you are placing them for the best results. Practice makes perfect when cooking with fire, so feel free to experiment with cooking times and positioning - just always check your food is cooked through before eating it.

The tools you use can also have an effect on the results. A cast iron grill pan can leave charred scorchmarks, while a wire rack might be best for absorbing the smoke taste. The joy of using a wood fired oven to cook different foods is you can find your own sweet spot when it comes to flavour.

Another tip - always make sure the cookware you use can withstand the temperature. Some dishes could crack under direct heat, while cast iron needs to be heated slowly.

6 Amazing Pizza Oven Recipes That Aren’t Pizza...

Looking for more inspiration on what you can cook in a pizza oven? Check out these delicious recipes you can make with your pizza oven from Direct Stoves!

1. Simon’s Roast Lamb and Potatoes

Whether it’s Easter or just any night you feel like a hearty meal with your family, fire up your Delivita Outdoor Oven to create this feast. Enjoy tender slow cooked lamb with crispy potatoes, straight from the oven.

2. Gourmet Hotdogs

Use your Morso Forno oven as a grill to create these gourmet hotdogs when you want a change from pizza. Mix up the toppings as much as you like to create your perfect flavour!

3. Cook With James Martin & Chesneys

Among the most versatile of outdoor ovens is the Chesneys Outdoor Living range. Combining a patio heater with a barbecue, you can not only cook pizza but a whole host of amazing food! Take a look at this recipe book created with James Martin to find out how to grill, bake, roast, smoke and even wok-cook some fantastic creations.

4. Simon’s Sourdough Bread

For the bakers among us, use the lingering heat of your pizza oven to bake some loaves you can enjoy for the rest of the week.

5. Wood Fired Marinated Chicken

A Delivita pizza oven might be small, but they really can create big flavours. This juicy marinated chicken is perfect to have on hand for those sunny days spent in the garden

6. Don't Forget Dessert!

It’s not all about the main course with an outdoor pizza oven - you can rustle up so many tasty desserts to really make your day’s cooking worthwhile. From s’mores, grilled bananas and toasted pineapple to super sweet plum tartin, you really will be in danger of outshine that pizza!

Have you been tempted to try out a wood fired pizza oven? Take a look at our full outdoor oven range for pizza ovens, barbecues, fire pits and more!

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