Chesneys Outdoor Living

When it comes to adding a sense of luxury to your garden, you won't find much better than Chesney’s outdoor living range. This British family-owned brand has been crafting fine wood burning appliances for over 35 years, fusing together tradition and modern designs to create some of the most admired luxury stoves on the market today.

Here at Direct Stoves, we are proud to bring to you some exceptional garden stoves from Chesneys. Unlike most outdoor ovens and patio heaters out there, these are incredibly unique, combining a highly efficient wood burning furnace with a barbecue grill and oven. This allows you to heat your patio through the stove, while also cooking top quality cuisine on the oven above, keeping warm long into the evening.

So, up your garden party experience today with Chesneys outdoor stoves, online now with free delivery from Direct Stoves!