Just in time for the turn of the year, we have some fantastic new log burners in stock from the brilliant Hunter Stoves!

Whether you are buying a stove for the first time, or want to make an upgrade, these fantastically modern options are a very wise choice. There are 3 new models, which we will show you more of below, though they are all:

  • SIA Ecodesign ready
  • DEFRA approved for use in smoke control zones
  • Rated A to A+ for energy usage

They also all feature Airwash and primary, secondary and tertiary burn technology, which helps keep your stove looking wonderfully clean and burning brightly for as long as possible. Their exceptional efficiency rating also ensures you can enjoy them for many years to come - without causing excessive air pollution.

In terms of style, we love the large viewing window of these stoves, framed by a smooth and sleek design that combines modern and traditional beautifully. They are all also available with a sleek stove bench, if you want to make them a little more contemporary.

Take a look at them below - don’t forget, order with Direct Stoves to benefit from free delivery, free fitting kit and our optional flue liner pack!

Hunter Herald Allure 04

Hunter Herald Allure 04

The Herald Allure 04 is the most compact of the range, standing at 440mm wide and 573mm tall. Perfect for snug spaces, it has an ample heat output of 3kW - 5kW, so is ideal for small to medium sized rooms.

Hunter Herald Allure 04 Ecodesign Wood Stove

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Hunter Herald Allure 05

Hunter Herald Allure 05

The Hunter Herald Allure 05 is larger than the 04 model, with a width of 494mm and a height of 653mm. With its extra size comes a little more power, with a heat output of 5kW to 6kW. If you have a medium sized room, this one will probably be better suited to you. The highly controllable temperature settings allow you to adjust the output easily, meaning you can adapt it to your room size as needed.

Hunter Herald Allure 05 Ecodesign Wood Stove

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Hunter Herald Allure 07

Hunter Herald Allure 07

If you have a large room, the Hunter Herald Allure 07 will be the choice for you. With a wider, rectangular design, they have an output of up to 7kW - so be sure your room can take the heat! If you have an open-plan living space, this stove makes a great addition, not only as a stunning feature, but as a very practical heating method.

Hunter Herald Allure 07 Ecodesign Wood Stove

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If you aren’t sure what kW heat output you need from your stove, use our stove kilowatt calculator to find out.

Hunter Herald Stove Comparison

Still not sure which new Hunter Herald stove is best for you? Take a look at the table below for a side-by-side comparison of their most important features...

Hunter Herald Allure Stove Comparison

If you have any questions or need some help on choosing which stove is best for you, contact us to speak to our friendly sales team.

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