What size stove do you need for your home?

Choosing the right wood burning stove needn’t be difficult, however you do need to think about the physical size AND the output of your stove.

Firstly the output, all the stoves sold by Direct Stoves are measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the kilowatt output, the greater the heat generated.

If you choose a stove that doesn’t have sufficient heat output then you won’t achieve the warm cosy feeling that you’d hoped for and your room may well be a little chilly on cold nights.If you choose a stove that produces far too much heat then you might find the room gets too warm and is unpleasant to sit in with the stove burning.

Neither scenario is ideal.

To take the worry and guesswork away we've built a stove calculator. Just fill in the dimensions of your room, choose an insulation level and the calculator will give you an ideal stove size and links to suitable stoves.

We use three different insulation levels; Good for new and airtight buildings, Poor for homes with little or no insulation and Average for those in between.

KiloWatt Calculator

Calculate the kiloWatt power needed to heat your room


Please enter the room height in Metres


Please enter the room width in Metres


Please enter the room length in Metres


Choose the room's insulation level:
Poor, Average, Good


Wood burning stoves warm the room by convection, heating the air around it which rises and fills the room with heat. To work effectively your stove must have a reasonable amount of space around it. If your stove is fitted into an opening just a few millimetres larger than itself it’s efficiency and the amount of heat put out will be greatly reduced.

You should also take care that there are no combustible materials near your stove, curtains, wallpaper, soft furnishings etc..

We would recommend the following minimum clearances as a guide for safety and best performance:

  • Distance at the back of the stove 50mm – 75mm (as a minimum)

  • Distance at the sides of the stove 100mm – 125mm (as a minimum)

  • Top of the stove 100mm – 150mm (as a minimum)

Of course every situation is unique so please feel free to check any stove related issues with our helpful and friendly staff.