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The Best Small Gas Stoves

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Gas stoves are a fantastic way of adding character to a room and providing a clean and reliable source of heat. But, you may be wondering if you have space for one. Well, worry not, because at Direct Stoves we’ve got an unmatched variety of small, compact gas stoves. Read on to discover the best small gas stoves.

How big is your fireplace?

Before we delve into our best small gas stoves, we want to ask you an important question. 

How big is your fireplace?

It may seem like a simple and obvious question, but establishing the correct dimensions of your fireplace before you choose a stove will save you any potential headaches further down the line. 

If you need some tips on correctly measuring your fireplace, check out this handy guide from our sister company Direct Fireplaces.

Make sure you have enough clearance

As well as establishing the size of the fireplace where your stove will fit, you should also make sure you have enough clearance. 

You want to make sure that you leave enough distance between the stove and things like wallpaper or plasterboard which could get too hot.

If in doubt, the instruction manual of your stove will normally detail any particular clearance requirements.

With those considerations out of the way, let’s take a look at the best small gas stoves.

Small gas stoves by width

When you’re dealing with limited space or a particularly narrow fireplace, then these small gas stoves are the perfect option.

Flavel Thurcroft Efficient Portable Gas Stove

From £699

The Flavel Thurcroft stove is ideal is you have a narrow fireplace

Overall width: 370mm
Overall height: 712mm
Overall depth: 445mm

The Flavel Thurcroft gas stove is one of the most flexible gas stoves available on the market. Being portable, you have plenty of options as to where you can locate it. It’s also a great option if you don’t have a fixed domestic gas supply. The Flavel Thurcroft gas stove uses a 7kg Butane gas cylinder which is housed within the body of the stove, providing up to 60 hours of burning time.

It’s not just a flexible and practical stove, but an attractive one too. It features a living flame effect that provides the warmth, appearance and atmosphere of a traditional stove. It also benefits from a 1 year guarantee and is fully compliant with the Eco design directive Commission Regulation (EU)2015/1188.

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Hunter Hawk 4 Gas Stove

From £1,160

Although small, the Hunter Hawk 4 Gas Stove has a great 4.7kW heat output

Overall width: 395mm
Overall height: 551mm
Overall depth: 390mm

If you’re looking for a small gas stove with a big heart, you’ve just found it in the Hunter Hawk 4 Gas Stove.

This small gas stove packs a punch. Whilst it’ll fit in smaller fireplaces, it’s still capable of an impressive 4.7kW heat output. When you don’t want to compromise performance for size, this is the gas stove for you.

As well as being compact, the Hunter Hawk 4 is also versatile. It can burn either Natural Gas or LPG, has a choice of contemporary door designs, is remote controlled and is suitable for most chimney types including Class 1 (brick built), Class 2 (pre-fabricated) and pre-cast flues.

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Parkray Consort 5 Gas Stove

From £1,519

The Parkray combines traditional styling with the benefits of modern gas heating

Overall width: 395mm
Overall height: 593mm
Overall depth: 390mm

Designed specifically for smaller fireplaces the Parkray Consort 5 Gas Stove offers the traditional cast iron styling of a genuine wood burner, but with the convenience, cleanliness and control of gas. Those traditional design touches extend to the inside of the stove which features a natural flame picture with a realistic log fuel bed.

Despite its small size, the Parkray Consort 5 offers a toasty 3.7kW heat output; more than enough to heat up a small room. 

It also features an oxygen depletion system which will automatically shut off the appliance if any fumes are detected, or if there is a blockage in the flue. The Parkray Consort 5 is also flexible, featuring a remote control and the ability to be installed in Class 1, Class 2 and prefabricated flues.

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Small gas stoves by height

If you’re dealing with a rather ‘squat’ fireplace and need a gas stove that’s small in stature, the following stoves could be the solution.

AGA Ellesmere EC5 Balanced Flue Gas Stove

From: £1,529.95

The AGA Ellesmere EC5 Balanced Flue Gas Stove is the ideal option if your home doesn't have a chimney

Overall height: 535mm
Overall width: 438mm
Overall depth: 378mm

If you don’t have a chimney and/or you have a particularly small fireplace, the AGA Ellesmere EC5 Balanced Flue Gas Stove could be the perfect small gas stove for you.

Styled in the iconic AGA fashion, this stove combines the traditional look of a wood burning stove with a realistic log effect fuel bed. You’d be hard pressed to tell it apart from an actual wood burner! 

The AGA Ellesmere EC5 also packs plenty of heat, capable of a 4.5kW heat output. For those of you who don’t have a chimney, this stove also comes complete with the option of 3 flue kits that can come out of the rear or top of the stove. 

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Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 Gas Stove

From: 974.96

The Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 gas stove is one of the most competitively priced gas stoves on the market

Overall height: 582mm
Overall width: 542mm
Overall depth: 362mm

One of the most competitively priced small gas stoves on the market, the Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 Gas Stove is an efficient, effective stove for the modern or traditional home. 

It features a steel body construction with a widescreen cast iron door and a decorative log effect fuel bed – so it makes an attractive feature at the heart of any living room. As well as modern construction, the Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 also boasts plenty of tech including an oxygen depletion pilot system for safety and is suitable for Class 1, Class 2 and pre-cast flues. 

That’s not all. No additional room ventilation is required to operate the Ignite 7, so it’s perfect for small cosy living rooms.

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Esse G500 Vista Gas Stove

From: £1,149.95

The Esse GS500 Vista Stove is Esse's best selling gas stove model

Overall height: 570mm
Overall width: 434mm
Overall depth: 399mm

Offering form and function, the Esse G500 Vista Gas Stove is a beautifully designed and well proportioned gas stove. This stove features a faithfully reproduced log effect which creates a superb flame pattern and a warm glow.

It’s also packed with great features including Esse’s award winning FM20e gas burner and is suitable for both Class 1 and prefabricated chimneys.

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Want to see more small gas stoves? Shop our full range at Stoves Direct today. 

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