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The Best Log Burners to Use In Your Garden

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Offering extended warmth outside during cooler months whilst creating a focal point within your garden, an outdoor log burner is a fantastic investment that will add value in more ways than one.

If you’re considering buying an outdoor log burner for your garden but are unsure where to start, here at Direct Stoves, we’ve curated this handy guide to help you choose the right outside log burner to best suit your style and budget.

What is an outdoor log burner?

An outdoor log burner for your garden can take many forms and styles, including traditional stoves with chimneys, fire pits and chimineas. However, the premise across all outdoor log burners is the same; they all burn logs to generate heat and, in some instances, even cook food! 

What is the difference between a wood-burning stove and a chiminea?

A wood-burning stove is usually made from cast iron and is more square in shape, with the log burning area wholly enclosed with a chimney. On the other hand, a chiminea is usually made from clay and is more rustic in its appearance. A chiminea does not have a door to enclose the heat and is typically more bulbous in shape. 

How are outdoor log burners different from indoor log burners?

We have a dedicated range of outdoor log burners explicitly created for outdoor living. Depending on the aesthetic you are aiming for within your outdoor space, you may want to choose a more rustic style log burner to suit a Mediterranean style courtyard? Perhaps you prefer a larger statement log burner to fill more space? Or you may be interested in the idea of a combined log burner and barbeque? 

What’s the difference between log burners and multi-fuel burners?

Log burners

Log burners only burn wood logs and do not burn any other fuel. Featuring a flatbed to burn the logs, ash collects at the bottom of the wood burner as the logs burn down. It’s important to note that not all wood burns the same, and some types of wood aren’t suitable for burning in your outdoor wood burner. If you’d like to learn more about the best kind of wood to burn in your outdoor stove, take a look at our guides on which wood to use in wood-burning stoves

Multi-fuel burners

Multi-fuel burners can burn more materials than wood alone. With a multi-fuel burner, you can burn materials such as coal, peat, turf briquettes and other smokeless fuels. 

This style of log burner features a riddling grate above the stove’s base to aid airflow and combustion. Ash collects in the ashpan, requiring regular cleaning to ensure that air can flow efficiently around the stove and your fuel can burn freely.

Top Tip

If you want to burn wood on any outdoor log burner, you’ll need to purchase a DEFRA approved multi-fuel stove. Some regulations cover the fuel you can burn and the frequency it can be burned. You may also need to check if you live within a designated smoke control area. For more information on multi-fuel stoves and wood-burning stoves, discover our guide Wood Burning Stoves vs Multi Fuel Stoves – Which Should You Choose?

What size outdoor log burner do I need?

The size and shape of your outdoor space will dictate the size of the outdoor log burner you can accommodate. You may find this simple calculation a helpful way to assess your area.

  1. Calculate the cubic meterage of your patio space by multiplying its width, height, and length. 
  2. Divide this figure by 14 to get your optimum power output.

How much do outdoor log burners cost?

Outdoor log burners are an investment for your lifestyle and garden. Prices can range anywhere from £300 up to and beyond £3,000, depending on the style and size.

Which are the best outdoor log burners to buy in 2022?

Esse Garden Stove And Outdoor Grill

Esse Garden Stove and Outdoor Grill

Esse Garden Stove and Outdoor Grill

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If you’re looking for a traditional looking outdoor wood burning stove, the Esse Garden Stove And Outdoor Grill is a fantastic choice. This versatile stove also contains a hotplate top and a grill to cook delicious BBQ food or warm pans and kettles. Whatsmore, this compact outdoor stove includes detachable wheels for your convenience when moving the stove around.

Key Features

  • Burns wood only.
  • Handbuilt by Esse in the UK using UK steel and UK cast parts.
  • Flue pipe included.

Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

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The Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove is a real showstopper. This high-performance heater and barbecue allows you to cook for 6-8 people or produce a wonderfully crispy pizza base in no time at all. And when you’re finished cooking up a storm, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth and ambience of this stunning stove.

Key Features:


  • Burns wood and charcoal only.
  • Flue pipe included.
  • Pair of metal side shelves.
  • Analogue thermometer.
  • Pair of stove gloves.
  • Scoop for removing ash.
  • Weatherproof cover for when not in use.


Gallery Collection Teepee Outdoor Fireplace

Gallery Collection Teepee Outdoor Fireplace

Gallery Collection Teepee Outdoor Fireplace

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Add structure and architecture to your outdoor space with the unique Gallery Collection Teepee Outdoor Fireplace. Available in two finishes, contemporary black or Corten weathered finish, your outdoor stove will stand the test of time. Perfect for patios and friends and family to gather around, this show-stopping outdoor fireplace will become the centrepiece of your outdoor space.


Wood only. 

L’Bode Outdoor Fireplace

L'Bode Outdoor Fireplace

L’Bode Outdoor Fireplace

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If you’re looking for a rustic outdoor log burner, the L’Bode Outdoor Fireplace is a fantastic choice. The glass-fronted door helps maintain smoke and ash whilst helping retain an adequate burn time. This really is a characterful log burner for your garden.

Key Features:

  • Designed, developed and distributed from the L’Bode factory in the North West of the UK.

Outdoor log burners are a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space for all occasions, from gatherings in the garden to a relaxing evening enjoying your outdoor space. Browse our fantastic range of outdoor stoves and fireplaces at Direct Stoves 

If you need more help choosing an outdoor log burner, contact us for more advice from our knowledgeable sales team.

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