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Log Burner Fireplace & Surround Ideas

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So, you’ve chosen a beautiful new stove to sit in your living room. But, have you put any thought into creating a log burner fireplace?

Here at Direct Stoves, we have a range of beams and fireplaces for log burners that are perfectly suited to give a proud home to your stove.

Take a look at our guide to find some of the best log burner fireplace and surround ideas that you can easily put into practice…

How to Create Your Log Burner Fireplace

There are a few different paths you could go down when deciding on how to display your log burner. Some people like to keep it simple and just place it on a hearth, while others like to have a grander design complete with a surround.

Either way, you need to make sure you choose your log burner surround with both style and safety in mind. It goes without saying that stoves can get very hot to the touch, so choosing the correct materials and placing them the necessary distance away is essential.

Want to find out more? Carry on reading for our tips and ideas for choosing log burner fire surrounds!

Log Burner Fireplace Chambers

If you’re not sure what it is, your fireplace chamber is essentially the recess in your chimney breast where you sit your stove. It might seem like a minor detail, but scruffy fireplace chamber brickwork can really affect the overall appearance of your log burner. If you simply plaster over the fire chamber, it will probably crack with the heat, so you will need to find an alternative solution.

An easy idea for tidying up your wood burner surround is to simply fit some fireplace chamber panels. Made from highly heat resistant material, we stock all manner of finishes, from rustic red brick to stylish slate and herringbone designs. The panels can be cut down to the correct size and slotted into your recess, offering a simple way to give a neat finish to your log burner fire surround.


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Some people choose not to set their stove inside a fire chamber at all, if they have a freestanding stove for instance. This is ok to do, but you need to be wary of the outside of the stove becoming hot – if you have children or pets, be careful they don’t touch it. Ensure you don’t place any combustibles too close to it either, such as plants or furnishings.

Regardless, you should always make sure you have an appropriate hearth for your stove to sit on – see our blog on stove building regulations for more information.

Log Burner Beams


Perhaps one of the most popular log burner surround ideas is to place a beam above it. Whilst simple, beams are a great finishing touch that help you achieve that slightly rustic feel that stoves really benefit from. For this reason, they look great with traditional wood burning stoves, though that’s not to say you can’t pair one with a contemporary stove!

When choosing a log burner beam, you have a few options available. Solid wood beams, such as oak, pine or walnut, are very appealing as they have a beautiful unique grain to them.

However, as wood is a combustible material, you need to make sure you place it a safe distance away from the top of your stove. This should be specified in your stove manual and will be covered by building regulations, so make sure you adhere to it!

Another option we have at Direct Stoves are our Geocast beams by Gallery. These have the appearance of wood, but are actually created out of non-toxic and unburnable material. These are brilliant as you don’t need to worry about them being too close to the stove, getting damaged by embers, or even causing an accidental fire.

Take a look at some wood burner beam ideas in the pictures below…


Here, the Gallery Geocast Light Oak Beam has been used with a red brick fireplace chamber and a slabbed slate hearth for a homely and rustic feel.

Helios 5 Cleanburn Defra Approved Multi-Fuel Stove

Another use of a Galley Geocast beam here, though this time a totally different look has been created! A sleek granite hearth and slate chamber has resulted in a clean and modern log burner fireplace.

Gallery Contemporary 48 inch Natural Oak Shelf

Using the Gallery Contemporary Natural Oak Shelf, this is a great log burner fireplace idea for today’s homes. The shelf is deep enough for you to display some accessories on top, while the herringbone fireplace chamber adds another lovely style element.

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Log Burner Fireplaces

If you want to frame your stove with something more than a beam you can actually fit a whole log burner fireplace into your chimney.


At Direct Stoves, our log burner fireplaces include a surround, hearth and inner hearth, plus a matching fireplace chamber. This gives you everything you need to create a stylish and functional place for your stove!

Most of our log burner surrounds come in stunning limestone, the perfect material for complementing both cast iron stoves and steel stoves. Not only does it look good, but limestone is also highly heat resistant, so you know it will stand the test of time.

Take a look below for more log burner fireplace ideas…

Axon Durrington Limestone Fireplace With Reeded Limestone Chamber

Looking for modern log burner fireplaces? This could be the one for you! With minimalist lines and Portuguese limestone, this log burner surround and hearth is shown here with the Firefox 5 Gas Stove.


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Axon Sienna Agean Limestone Fireplace With Reeded Chamber

Another great modern log burner fireplace idea, this stove fireplace combines an Agean limestone surround with a granite hearth for an eye-catching contrast. Whilst still looking contemporary, we think it also has a slight Georgian feel to it. It’s pictured here with the Firefox 8 Multi Fuel Stove.

Axon Sienna Agean Limestone Fireplace With Reeded Chamber

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Axon Coniston Limestone Fireplace With Reeded Limestone Chamber

Maybe you’re looking for something grand? This limestone fireplace for log burners boasts a stunning Tudor style arch that will still look beautiful in modern homes. Shown here with a Tiger Multi Fuel Stove, your wood burner will be the pride of your room with this surround.

Axon Coniston Limestone Fireplace With Reeded Limestone Chamber

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Looking for more log burner fireplace ideas? See our full range of stove beams and fireplaces for more!

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Visit the Direct Stoves blog for more advice on buying and installing your stove…

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