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Glamping Stoves: A Q&A With Crown & Canopy

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Here at Direct Stoves, we are keen to spread the word that wood burners aren’t just for living rooms. In fact, there is a whole world out there of stoves being used in cabins, lodges and even yurts – all designed to create the ultimate ‘glamping’ experience!

Whether you have a shed you like to hide away in at the bottom of the garden, or a full on glamping abode, installing a stove is both practical and luxurious.

Firstly, they provide an easy and efficient way to heat up your indoor/outdoor space. You don’t need to install any electrics and wiring or a gas connection – all you need is a good supply of seasoned firewood and you have instant heat available.

Secondly, they also bring a level of cosiness that can add an entirely new element to your experience. When you’ve been out enjoying the great outdoors, nothing beats returning to your outdoor snug, where you can enjoy a hot drink and thaw out.

There are even log burners you can cook with if you really want to escape the real world! From boiling the kettle to grilling your bacon, take a look at the Esse Bakeheart and Esse Warmheart to see how you can heat your space and cook quality meals.

We also have a brilliant collection of new-in glamping stoves here at Direct Stoves, which are perfectly suited for installing in your outdoor spaces including sheds, shepherds huts, yurts, boats and more! 


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Want to know more about how to create a glamping experience with a wood burner? We spoke to glamping experts, Crown & Canopy to find out more…

Our Q&A With Glamping Experience Experts, Crown & Canopy…

What types of structures have you installed log burners in in the past?

We have installed log burners in many structures in the past, from vans and vintage vehicles to yurts and cabins. However, there are now regulations to adhere to in the industry so it is always wise to get log burners installed by approved fitters.

Are there any installation requirements to bear in mind when it comes to installing log burners in glamping cabins?

Yes, there are. Nowadays, it is imperative to get these systems installed by HETAS approved fitters.

You will find it more difficult to get log burners installed in temporary structures – however, it can still be done.

When it comes to permanent structures, such as cabins, this shouldn’t be an issue as you can still adhere to all the standard regulations that are required in residential dwellings. Our best advice is to look into this in the design phase of a structure, rather than leaving it as an afterthought and it being too late to make the changes required.

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What do you think a log burner adds to the glamping experience?

Fire is an integral and highly valued part of a glamping experience. Whether it’s an outdoor fire pit or a log burner inside a structure – preferably both!

Our guests enjoy the process and experience of a fire and it is a fundamental part of camping outdoors. Log burners also provide a much-needed heat source to run our glamping sites throughout the winter months, often in an off-grid environment.

Installing a log burner is an extremely low-impact and cost-effective way to generate heat when compared to gas and oil installations.

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Why do you think log burners are so popular? What is it about a burning fire that people love so much?

We have been burning fires to keep warm and cook for thousands of years so there is definitely a primal element at work here.

For me, burning a fire provides the warmest and best heat, as well as something beautiful to look at and spend time around. It’s also functional; it provides light, entertainment and even heat for cooking, whether on the top of a log burner or a grate on an open fire.

It is also a valuable life skill and is a textbook element when camping under the stars.

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And why do you think the glamping experience is becoming so popular?

The popularity of glamping comes from many angles which have contributed to its success, such as the staycation boom, eco-consciousness, the weakening pound and the new eco-tourism trend.

I think the main contributor, however, is that our lifestyles in recent times have become a lot more urbanised, Consequently, people value nature and short breaks in the countryside a lot more when they have time out from their busy lifestyles.

Historically, camping in the UK had mixed connotations and was reserved for the more adventurous who didn’t mind roughing it, getting wet and surviving without any comforts for the holiday.

Glamping has now opened up the camping experience to many people in the UK that would not have engaged in this for a holiday activity. You can now head off into the countryside with a suitcase of clothes and your friends and family knowing that at the end of your journey, all will be taken care of for you – you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of a double bed, feather duvets and an open-air bathtub.

This has now opened camping to a whole sect of society that would have previously looked for other options and choices due to the inconvenience of holidaying outdoors in the UK.

Log burners have come under some fire from those concerned about the environment. What are your thoughts on this?

In my opinion, a simple log burner installation done well, has a much lower carbon footprint and impact than the alternatives of oil, gas and electrical installations, especially when working in open countryside.

Obviously, the source of your wood is a serious factor to bear in mind, as is the humidity element of the timber and the log burner itself. When all these factors are taken into account, and achieved, the carbon output of a log burner is very low.

When you compare the process of sourcing local well-conditioned wood and burning it in a well-made log burner to the enormous global cost of producing oil and gas and the heavy impact of transportation and installations, for me the log burner wins in the countryside. In the city, we understand air quality might be an issue, but in an isolated glamping site in the countryside, it is a good choice for the environment.

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