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Brand Spotlight: The Morsø Outdoor Living Range on Direct Stoves

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If you are looking for a top quality outdoor oven, grill or fire pit, Morsø Outdoor Living offers some of the best around. Having teamed up with top contemporary designers, this brand prides itself on creating some of the most stylish outdoor living products on the market.

Why are Morsø Stoves so good?

As well as looking great, the Morsø range is highly adaptable and delivers multi functionality.

This means that not only can you enjoy warming, wood burning qualities, there is also the possibility to cook some absolutely delicious food in an outdoor setting.

The cuisines on offer can range from grilled meats and vegetables, by making use of many of the BBQ products in the collection, while the Pizza Ovens in the Morsø cooking range also give you a tasty slice of the action.

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Where are Morsø Stoves from?

With Danish design at the heart of this product’s brilliance, the look and feel of Morsø products are distinctive and specific to their country of origin.

As a country that pride themselves on their architecture and designers, it is little wonder that the outdoor living products manufactured by Morsø are a real talking point.

Now you can get set for a sizzling summer with a full set up that will have you showing off your outdoor chef skills, as well as keeping friends and family warm and toasty once the sun goes down.

Shop here for the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

What is the best material for a stove?

As well as the aesthetic quality of Morsø’s range, cast iron construction means Morsø stoves are made from the optimum material for a stove. Coming from a country with a long history of wood burning – we don’t doubt that cast iron is the way forward when it comes to getting the best out of an outdoor stove.

It is a material that transfers heat slowly, making it well suited to ever changing temperatures – and this helps to reduce warping. As well as that, Cast iron is very resistant to burn-through, so the walls of the stove won’t be damaged by the heat and the cast iron used by Morsø is almost twice as thick as the sheet iron some stoves are made from.

Ultimately, this means that Morsø wood-burning stoves retain their heat for longer.

What products are in the Morsø range?

From Fire Pits to Outdoor Grills, Pizza Ovens to Outdoor Stoves, the Direct Stoves Morsø Outdoor Living collection covers all of the bases.

Head below for a closer look…

Morso Balcone Outdoor Electric Grill

The objective of the electric Balcone Outdoor Grill is to provide the opportunity for people to enjoy the grilling experience regardless of where they live. Use the Balcone in or outdoors as a tabletop grill or add the optional balcony mounting kit to fix it your balcony. An optional cover is also available to keep the Balcone looking good between uses.

Shop here for the Morso Balcone Outdoor Electric Grill

Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set

The Forno deluxe terra outdoor oven set is more than just a grill, it allows you to cook tasty and versatile dishes, from juicy tender steaks to smoked salmon, homemade pizzas to delicious lamb, the possibilities truly are endless with this fantastic outdoor pizza oven. Made from double-coated cast iron you can be sure this pizza oven will stand the test of time.

Shop here for the Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Grill Forno II Outdoor Barbecue

The Morso Grill Forno II has a larger opening than it’s predecessor, allowing for an even greater view of the fire giving you that bonfire feel. The internal cast iron grate has also been updated allowing it to work as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid, which also allows for increased oxygen intake that improves the burning conditions greatly.

Shop here for the Morso Grill Forno II Outdoor Barbecue

Morso Kamino Fire Pit

Made from cast iron (of course) the tall, sleek and stylish Kamino fire Pit not only adds some beauty to your outdoor space, it also brings warmth too. With the option of a cooking grate too, this Fire Pit is a brilliant, multi functioning piece of design that is all set to transform gardens and patios everywhere.

Shop here for the Morso Kamino Fire Pit

Morso Grill 17 Outdoor Barbecue

The grill ’17 is a beautiful piece of furniture that offers bountiful opportunities for sensational food. This barbeque features a large bowl for your charcoal or fire wood, with a grilling grid and frying plate above, these 2 features combined have a total diameter of 600mm and are adjustable in height. The two semicircles can be swivelled aside allowing you to barbecue meats at a high temperature and warm bread and vegetables at lower temperatures.

Shop here for the Morso Grill 17 Outdoor Barbecue

Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

Incorporating the Morso Forno we visited before, this deluxe outdoor oven set allows you all of the functionality of a Pizza Oven or a grill – but there are plenty of extras to enjoy here too. This deluxe set comes with the following Morso products: Forno Outdoor Oven, Outdoor Table, Tuscan Grill, Ash Scraper, Fire Tongs, Flue Pipe, Pizza Peel, Forno Door, Forno Cover, and Cook Book.

Shop here for the Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Ignis Fire Pit

The Morso Ignis is a design based on Morso’s old series of cooking equipment, with a clean & simple design. This fire pit will create a fantastic atmosphere in your garden when lit or a beautiful decoration when not in use.

Shop here for the Morso Ignis Fire Pit

Morso Forno Gas Grande Barbecue Grill

The Morso Forno Gas Grande is a handy grill with a minimalist design. The outer shell of the Forno is made from moulded aluminium and features a solid cast iron grilling grid, while the handle of the Forno completes the grill not just in terms of design but also ergonomics. The four legged design of the grill offers fantastic stability but without doubt, it is the sleek and stylish nature of this model that makes it such a winner.

Shop here for the Morso Forno Gas Grande Barbecue Grill

Are Morso Stoves Eco Friendly?

Morsø’s wood-burning stoves meet some of the strictest environmental standards, including the Nordic Swan Eco Label. You can also be assured that Morsø are at the forefront of the EcoDesign 2022 standards that have been discussed in the UK press recently.

A large of number of Morso stoves are also listed on the HETAS website as SIA EcoDesign ready with others to follow. The company have demonstrably reduced the emissions of particles to an absolute minimum by using refined combustion technology together with an advanced purification system.

Shop the full Morso range on Direct

If you’re looking to give your summer some extra sizzle, head to Outdoor Living on Direct here

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