Friday, June 24

Introducing the all new Balcone Grill from Morso

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Whether on an apartment patio or balcony, the ability to entertain guests outside with freshly grilled food is significantly reduced.

An outdoor life is synonymous with the experience of gathering around the barbecue. Very frequently though, urban balconies and open fire is a prohibited combination.

Even if it wasn’t, once you’ve managed to get a bulky BBQ set up, the space for guests is significantly lessened.

Also, do you really want a load of charcoal smoke blowing about in such close quarters? We think not.

With so many people enjoying urban apartment living, why should they be limited in the experience of outdoor grilling?

Fear not apartment dwellers and flat owners, as Danish grilling specialists Morso have stepped in to help.

The objective of the Balcone Outdoor Grill is to provide the opportunity for people to enjoy the grilling experience regardless of where they live.

Combining a modern stylish product and a functional grill, users can enjoy the benefits of “grilling” either inside or outdoors. The unit itself is an Aluminium shell with a cast Iron grill and comes with a U.K. plug fitted.

Using electricity rather than coal or gas, and by optimising the shape of the product so as to match the specific situation, Morso have designed a grill that is a complete winner.

Whether you’re on a boat, balcony or patio, this is the product for you.


Shop for the morso balcone electric grill here


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