Working from home is becoming more popular than ever, people that do it are keen to keep home and work life separate. No one wants to give up a bedroom or a living room to a desk and computer. One of the best ways to do this is by reusing a garden space. Leaving the house for work without the commute gives a much-improved work/life balance. A trip down the garden path is always going to be better than one down the local by-pass! You could opt for a custom-built garden office, reuse the garage or fall back on the trusty shed, but whichever you choose it should be a warm and inviting place to work.

Local artist Vicky took the plunge and now works from a garden room studio, she came to us for heating advice. She thought her studio's wooden panelling might make installing a real wood burner out of the question, but really wanted the comfort and cosiness of a stove if at all possible.

Small space stove solution 1, aMendip Woodland stove in artists studio

Mendip Woodland stove in artists studio

Mendip Woodland 4.5kW Wood Stove

We found Vicki the perfect small space stove solution in a new model from Mendip Stoves called the Woodland. This 4.5kW wood stove won "Best stove under 5kW" at the Hearth & Home 2016 awards. Older stoves just heat nearby objects but the Woodland is a convection stove that heats and circulates warm air all around the room. It has heat shield panels that enable convection heating and also allow the Woodland to be installed much nearer combustible materials than would be possible with older models.

This means that the Woodland only needs a distance of 10cm from the wall and is suitable to sit on a 12mm hearth, making it perfect for a wood panelled garden studio where space is a premium. The Woodland is also Defra approved for use within smoke control areas so it is an all round winner with us too.

Stoves for smaller spaces are becoming more popular and manufacturers are catching up with this new technology, here are our top picks for small space stove solutions.

Loxton 3 SE

Small space stove solution 2, a Loxton 3 SE stove

Loxton 3 SE stove

Another Mendip Stove with convection heating. The clearance at the rear can be just 10cm and 20cm to the sides. The Loxton 3 is Defra approved, has 86% heat efficiency and can easily heat spaces of up to 44.8 cubic metres.

Charnwood Cove 1

Small space stove solution 3 a Charnwood Cove 1 Defra Approved stove

Charnwood Cove 1 Defra Approved stove

The smallest of Charnwood's Cove range has an output from 2 - 6kW and uses patented Quattroflow air management for an exceptionally clean-burning stove with over 76% efficiency. Fit the Cove with optional heat shield panels and it can be installed with just 25cm distance to combustibles. The Cove is available in 8 colours and a number of stand options.

Loxton 5 Maxi

Small space stove solution 4 a Loxton 5 SE Maxi Defra Convection Stove

Loxton 5 SE Maxi Defra Approved Convection Stove

The Loxton 5 Maxi is perfect for a larger space, at 4.5kW it comfortably heats rooms up to 63 cubic metres. The 5 Maxi only needs 10cm distance to combustibles at the rear and 15cm to the sides. The wide door takes 30cm logs and it burns with over 79% heat efficiency.

Whether you need a stove for a workspace or a small space contact our Hetas trained sales team to get impartial advice and the perfect small space stove solution.[related_products]