If you are thinking of buying a multi-fuel, or wood-burning, stove; you might think it's impossible to do so without a chimney in your house.

What we're about to show you in this blog is that no chimney is no problem.

In the past we have advised on How to Have a Wood Burning Stove Without a Chimney , however this blog post goes even further as we have step by step photographs from a genuine installer.

Recently , a Direct Stoves customer purchased an MI Bowfell Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stove, and informed us of the great work done by her installer Laurie, from Coastal Wood Burners - follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

This is one of the best before and after photo galleries we have seen, as Laurie has documented the entire job, from the original fireplace to the end product.

1. Remove old fireplace

2. Place chamber back panel in position and bed hearth

3. Create access hole for twin wall insulated flue system


4. Start construction of stud wall to create chimney breast, using standard metal studwork.

5. Complete construction of the chamber by attaching side panels to inner frame.

6. Fit outer frame of stub work to complete the section of the chimney breast.

7. Place Stove in position on hearth and connect to twin wall flue system (as per the diagram below )

8. Use with STS Construction board (Class A1 fire rated cement fibre board) to liner the stud work and create the chimney breast.

9. Plaster and paint the chimney breast and fit beam.

10. Finish the entire paint job and switch on the downlights.


11. Return the rest of your furniture

12. Light stove and enjoy.


Items used:

Standard Metal Studwork

Oyster Brick Slip Chamber Kit

Brazilian Slate Hearth, cut and polished on site

STS Construction board (Class A1 fire rated cement fibre board)

Plaster Finish

MI Bowfell Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stove


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