Fantastic news if you’re a fan of ACR stoves - they’ve recently updated their superb Astwood and Buxton stove models to make them even more eco-friendly, and in-line with forthcoming emissions regulations.

The regulations in question refer to the EcoDesign Lot 20 legislation that states that all ‘local space heater’ manufactured for sale in the EU must comply with minimum efficiency standards.

The first part of Lot 20 covers electric fires, storage heaters, radiant heaters, portable heaters and direct acting heaters, and comes into effect on January 1st 2018. However, a second regulation, which covers stoves and fireplaces that use solid fuels, comes into play from 1st January 2022.

This is all part of the EU’s attempts to reduce energy consumption by 20% over the next few years. There have already been ‘lots’ covering lightbulbs, washing machines, TVs, and more, and now the focus is on home heating.

All in all, it’s good news that stove companies are working towards making their products more eco-friendly, and it’s even better news that it’ll come at no extra cost to you. This is because Lot 20 requires stoves use “existing, non-proprietary technologies” without increasing costs to the consumer.

ACR have been working hard to ensure their stoves comply with Lot 20 regulations, and their fantastic Astwood and Buxton multifuel stoves have recently been updated. You can see them below:


ACR Astwood Multifuel Stove

ACR Astood multifuel stove

This new model of ACR Astwood multifuel stove has an output of 5Kw, and is DEFRA approved meaning you can burn wood in smoke-controlled areas. Of course, being multifuel means you can burn a variety of smokeless fuels as well.

Also featuring a powerful airwash to keep the glass clean, and an adjustable log guard, this is a fantastic stove guaranteed to look great in any home.

Learn more about the ACR Astwood multifuel stove.

ACR Buxton Multifuel Stove

The ACR Buxton multifuel stove features the same great specs as the Astwood above but slightly more compact. It is DEFRA approved, has a 5Kw output, and is multifuel so you can burn smokeless fuels and wood.

Learn more about the ACR Buxton multifuel stove.

Whichever ACR stove you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a top quality product. And don’t forget - we offer finance, price match and free delivery on all our stoves for unrivalled value for money.