Why choose a Burley balanced flue gas stove? It seems everyone would like a wood burning stove, but sometimes it's just not convenient. They are a labour of love and must be cleaned regularly and fed often. Some manufacturers have been offering gas-powered versions of their wood burners for a while now, but these still need a traditional chimney in order to work. What about those without chimneys? Until now they've had to choose something else or continue to dream.

Burley Stoves have spotted this gap in the market and are soon to launch a range of balanced flue stoves. Based on their famous Firecube range of tank-proof(!) wood burners comes the new Symmetry Balanced Flue gas stove. No Chimney needed, just an external wall for the flue exit.

The Symmetry is a 3.2kW contemporary style stove with a choice of coal or log fuel beds and an 80% efficiency rating.

Burley Balanced Flue Gas Stove - Symmetry gas stove with coal fuel bed

Burley Symmetry balanced flue stove with coal fuel bed

The Burley Symmetry balanced flue stove is available to pre-order now from Direct Stoves for delivery in August 2017, contact our sales team for more information and to order.[related_products]