Treating yourself to a brand-new stove is something that on its own delivers tremendous heat, comfort and a fantastic focal point for family and friends to settle around.

So, what could top that? Well, adding to the aesthetics of where your stove is situated is perhaps the best way to top things off.

You can give your current chimney place the makeover it deserves, and have your stove stand proudly on an eye catching tiled hearth, lit up by the illuminating LED bulbs of a Geocast beam above.

In this blog post, we guide you through the Chambers, Beams and Tiled Hearths in the Direct Stoves catalogue that can help you to add a touch of colour, class and charm to your chimney breast.


Fireplace Chambers

UK manufactured stove chambers and tiles offer a very simple, speedy and cost-effective solution to creating the perfect fireplace opening.

With a variety of materials to choose from, including natural stone and real brick, there is certainly a chamber to suit all tastes.

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Fireplace Beams

These realistic oak effect fireplace beams have been developed from natural inorganic material. Available in light and dark oak effect, in three sizes, they are lightweight and moulded from three separate natural oak beams.

They are available in 36” 48” and 54” with concealed feature lights available as an option for the 48” and 54” versions.

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Tiled Hearths

With such a varied range of hearths and beams, it is really easy for you to create a truly unique fireplace.

We offer a variety of hearths in many shapes and sizes and suitable for use with all fuel types. Please consult with our sales team to determine the correct hearth specification for you.

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