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Small Pizza Ovens for Every Garden Size

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Have you seen some sprawling outdoor ovens and felt like they were out of reach for your smaller sized garden? Or, maybe you have a balcony and believe the joys of a wood fired pizza oven just aren’t possible for you?

Well, you may be happy to hear that this needn’t be the case! There are plenty of small pizza ovens out there that are ideal for tighter outdoor spaces that cook just as well.

So, whether you want to be able to whip up something tasty when you spot the sun coming out, or you want to host a full on garden party, take a look at our best small pizza ovens with big satisfaction!

The Best Small Pizza Ovens…

Outdoor Pizza Oven Price
DeliVita Outdoor Oven From £1,195*
Morso Forno Outdoor Oven From £999*
Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven From £849.95*
Chesneys Heat and Grill From £1,619*


DeliVita Outdoor Oven

From £1,195*

Delivita Outdoor Pizza Oven

The DeliVita Outdoor Oven is the ultimate small pizza oven! Whether you have a balcony, a little patio or just don’t want something too imposing, this is the pizza oven for you.

Weighing just 30kg, these heatproof portable pizza ovens can be placed down on any surface sturdy enough to support it, so you don’t have to worry about building a large brick base to accommodate it.

While stylishly modern on the outside, they boast a traditional clay interior which is ready to cook in just 25 minutes – perfect for impromptu parties and when the weather takes a sudden turn for the better.

Shop DeliVita Pizza Oven

Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

From £999*

Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

If you have a little more space available to you, we highly recommend considering the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven. This small wood fired pizza oven is the real deal, boasting a beautiful design by one of Denmark’s leading outdoor living brands.

Measuring 600mm x 700mm x 700mm, you shouldn’t struggle to find a place for this on a small to medium sized terrace. While it is available with the Morso Outdoor Terra Table, you can place it on any stable heat resistant surface that can support its 96kg weight.

When it comes to versatility, the Morso Forno doesn’t get left behind, either. Along with cooking pizzas and using it as a small charcoal BBQ, you can also buy a number of smoking tools with it, too.

Shop Morso Forno Pizza Oven

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Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven

From £849.95*

Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Think you don’t have space for a traditional wood fired pizza oven? Think again!

You’ll be surprised at just how small some pizza ovens can be, like this Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Measuring 650mm x 780mm, you can create your own at-home trattoria without the need for too much space.

Like larger wood fired ovens, it features a highly insulated clay and mortar dome that can retain heat for hours – whether you want to cook pizza, smoke some meats or grill over the hot embers. It is also highly durable, so you can enjoy al fresco feasts for many years to come.

Shop Royal Wood Fired Oven

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Chesneys Heat and Grill

From £1,619*

Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

When you are short on space, nothing is better than finding a multifunctional product that does two things at once! The Chesney Heat and Grill does just this, combining an outdoor stove with a barbecue grill for the ultimate garden experience.

Just like your classic wood burning stove indoors, the Chesney Heat and Grill radiates heat through its glass door, warming up your patio exceptionally well. Meanwhile, you can make further use of the flames by opening the lid to put the grill to use!

Whether you want to pop a pizza stone inside or grill some classic BBQ treats, there’s nothing to stop you enjoying the outdoors long into the evening.

Shop Chesney Heat and Grill

*All prices correct on 21 July 2020

Take a look at our full range of outdoor pizza ovens for more! Remember – at Direct Stoves we also offer free delivery and have finance options available.

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