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How to Have A Gas Stove With a Balanced Flue

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When it comes to having a wood burning stove without a chimney, you will probably need to carry out a certain level of work to have a twin wall flue fitted.

While this is a great option for those who have their heart set on a solid fuel stove, for others, it might not be quite right for their needs.

It could be that you don’t want the hassle of building the flue, or maybe you aren’t keen on burning wood or coal at all.

There are other options though – an electric stove or a flueless gas stove are one choice.

Another is a balanced flue gas stove, which is what this article is about.

What is a balanced flue gas stove?

A balanced flue is often associated with fireplaces, but did you know you can also get a balanced flue stove?

Balanced flue gas stoves are very popular with homes without chimneys. They are designed for use with gas only, not solid fuel, and require much less work.

To install one, a twin wall pipe is fit horizontally through an external wall. This is different from the twin wall pipe you would use to fit a log burner. Instead of being wrapped in insulation, a balanced flue twin wall pipe has a two-way air flow; the inner tube pushes out the waste fumes, while the outer tube pulls in fresh air to help the flame burn.

This is also different to a regular gas stove. These require you to have a properly functioning class 1 or class 2 chimney, depending on the requirements of the stove. For these, air is pulled in from the room and expelled into the chimney cavity.

With a balanced flue, this whole process is sealed off from the room. No air is needed from the room and the waste fumes are deposited straight outside, minimising heat loss and improving efficiency.

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Balanced Flue Gas Stoves – The Pros and Cons

So, why should you choose a balanced flue gas stove? Who are they best suited to and where can they be installed?

Let’s start with the positives of a balanced flue gas stove…

  • They are perfect for homes without chimneys. Balanced flue gas stoves have been designed primarily for those who do not have a working conventional chimney as they come with their own exhaust pipe.
  • They are highly efficient. While conventional gas stoves today can be extremely clean and efficient, balanced flue stoves take this to the next level! As they are fully sealed, less heat is lost and more is pushed into the room.
  • They have real flames. If you don’t have a chimney, your other alternative is an electric stove. While these do look great, balanced flues do have the advantage of providing a real, cosy flame and authentic log burner appearance.
  • They are easy to install. If you are worried that fitting a balanced flue will be a long job, don’t be! They can be built through almost any external wall, making it a quick and easy job for any Gas Safe Engineer.
  • They don’t require ventilation. Flueless gas stoves and some conventional gas stoves require you to ensure you have adequate ventilation in your room for them to work properly and safely. A balanced flue doesn’t, so you can have your home as airtight as you like – another check for efficiency!

Overall, balanced flues could be the answer if you crave a stove, but aren’t set up for a conventional wood burner or gas stove.

But, are there any downsides?

Balanced flue gas stoves are generally more expensive than electric stoves and conventional gas stoves. However, they also have a lower running cost, due to the lower cost of gas than electric, and their high efficiency rating.

So, if you don’t have a chimney and want to add some extra warmth to your home this winter, why not consider a balanced flue gas stove?

You can get the feel of an authentic log burner at the flick of a switch, without having to worry about your electricity bill or getting up to stoke the flames!

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