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  • Description


    A stylish,contemporary black flueless gas stove from Ekofires. This flueless gas stove is ideal if you do not have a chimney. This beautiful looking stove gives you the ability to have a gas stove where normally you wouldn't be able to have one. The Ekofires 6030 black flueless gas stove is available to order from 1st August 2017

    • Oxygen depletion pilot system for safety, which will automatically shut off the appliance should any dangerous fumes be detected
    • 100% Efficiency rating
    • Realistic Coal Effect

    Requires minimum room size of 35m2 and an air vent of 100cm2

  • Dimensions

    Line drawing is for illustration purposes only to demonstrate sizes

    Overall Height (A)
    Overall Width (B)
    Overall Depth (C)
    Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D)
    n / a
    Width to Centre of Top Flue (E)
    n / a
    Rear to Centre of Top Flue (F)
    n / a
  • Specifications
    3 Years
    Cast Iron
    Flue Outlet
    N/A - Flueless Stove
    Flue Size
    N/A - Flueless Stove
    Control Type
    Manual Control
    Gas Options
    Natural Gas
    Fuel Bed
    Heat Output
    More Colours
  • Liner Pack & Stove Kits

    Direct Stoves Offer Free Stove Fitting Kits*

    • Stove Pipe

    • Register Plate
      1000mm x 500mm
    • Stove Glove
      for protection


    What's included in the offer:

    • 1. Black stove pipe. 
    • 2. A registration plate is used to seal the chimney opening off from the room preventing dust, soot, dirt and debris falling down the chimney. It also helps to prevent a draft coming down the chimney. We supply a standard 1000mm x 500mm galvanised steel register plate with all our stoves. You will simply need to cut the plate to size to fit into your chimney opening.
    • 3. We also provide you with a single stove glove that you can use for stoking the fire and adding wood without the risk of personal injury.

    *Excludes electric stoves, flueless and balanced flue gas stoves - as these are not required.

    Optional Extras.

    Carbon Monoxide Detector:

    Due to an update to Building Regulations it is now law to have a Carbon Monoxide alarm present in any room with a solid fuel appliance:- The Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document J (2010 Edition) '2.34 Where a new or replacement fixed solid fuel appliance is installed in the dwelling, a carbon monoxide alarm should be provided in the room where the appliance is located.' 


    Flue Liner Packs:

    The flue liner pack consists of; a nose cone, to easily manoeuvre the flue liner into place, a flue adaptor, which connects the stove pipe to the flexible flue liner, Dura Flue flexible flue liner (this is 6" in diameter and 316 Grade) cut to the required length and a 6" pot hanger rain cap, this supports the flue liner from the top of the chimney and also acts as a bird guard and rain cap.



    Stove Pipe with Door:

    A stove pipe with door or access point, allows the chimney to be swept through the pipe itself.  




    Stove Glass Insurance:

    If you select to take out our stove glass insurance this covers your stove glass for the time period you select. If your glass breaks within that time period we will send you a replacement piece of glass regardless of the reason the glass broke. All we will ask is that you send a picture of the broken glass.
    The insurance only covers you for one replacement piece of glass. It doesn't cover you if you break the replacement piece of glass.
    All stove glass is covered during delivery and any glass broken in transit to you will be replaced free of charge, without affecting your stove glass insurance.



    Please make the relevant selection above when placing your order if you require any of these parts and also select whether or not you require a Carbon Monoxide alarm sending out with your order. Please note that if these parts aren't selected with your order we can't send them for free after your order has been delivered.

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  • Delivery Info
    Free Delivery

    Our "Free Delivery" is a one man service. The goods will arrive on a lorry that is about the size of a fire engine. (Please let us know in advance if you have restricted access.).

    The lorry has a tail lift that allows the driver to get the stove/oven off the vehicle, the stove/oven will be packed on a pallet and the driver will have a pallet truck.

    He'll be able wheel this as close as possible to your property, if you have a garage he'll be able to wheel it into there for you.

    The pallet truck can only be wheeled over a finished surface so it's not possible to wheel it over a gravelled drive nor is it possible to wheel up or down steps.

    The pallets are normally about a 1m wide so this is the minimum width gate they can fit through.
    Please note that the driver is not insured to unpack or carry the stove/oven into your house.

    If the goods are showing 24hr or 48hr delivery then this is the quickest time we're able to deliver these items. You'll be asked to select your a delivery date when purchasing the goods.

    Please note that it is an all day delivery.

  • Q & A

    Product Questions

    • Submit your question to our community.

    What is the running costs for a gas STOVE?
    Hi Derrick,
    Thank you for your question.
    The Eko Fires 6030 flueless gas stove has a minimum input of 1.5kW and a maximum input of 3.1kW
    The manufacturer suggests the following costs per hour based on an average gas price of 4.27p/kWh.
    Minimum: 6.4p per hour.
    Maximum: 13.24p per hour.
    This will change depending on your supplier and tariff.
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 1 October 2018
    Is there an LPG option?
    Hi Colin,
    Thank you for your question.
    The Eko fires stoves are only suitable for use with Natural Gas fuel.
    We do have some Burley and Esse models that are suitable for use with LPG, please see our flueless gas stoves page for more information.
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 24 October 2017
    How quick is delivery of 6030
    Hi Jacky,
    Thank you for your question.
    At the moment we can supply the Eko Fires 6030 stoves in about 5 working days
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 24 October 2017
    I have a working chimney breast currently without a working fire. I would like to install one of the flue less gas fires as they seem reasonable money and low maintenance etc. But ventilation requirements? Will the chimney count as the ventilation or does it needs to be something else? I have a Victorian house and do not want to drill into any walls etc.
    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your questions.
    Please see the user manual on the "Downloads" tab.
    Section 4 details that existing chimney must be sealed off and cannot not be used to vent the flueless gas fire.
    Chimneys are designed to take from the building and are unreliable as incoming air vents.
    Section 5 details vent requirements. If you don't want to drill new vents, is it possible to duct from an existing underfloor airbrick and have a 10x10cm floor vent?
    For more specific information why not call our stove experts on 0845 450 8351.
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 25 January 2019
    Do you deliver to Northern Ireland ?
    Hi Norman,
    Thank you for your question.
    Yes we do deliver to Northern Ireland.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 30 January 2018
    Hello, Do you know how far from the appliance the vent should be and how high this should be placed on a wall? Or can you have floor vents?
    Thank you for your enquiry.

    As long at the vent is on an external wall in the same room as the stove it doesn't matter where it is in relation to the stove.

    Many Thanks
    CustomerSupport answered on 28 August 2017
    can a tv be positioned above this stove?
    Hi Kerry,
    Thank you for your question.
    It is possible to fit a TV above an Eko Fires 6030 flueless gas stove but you must follow the installation instructions that come with the stove.
    The TV manufacturer may void their warranty if the TV is placed above any heat source, please follow their instructions carefully too.
    Here what the stove manual says about TVs - "Note; TV manufacturer's instructions must be consulted and take precedence insofar as positioning of heating appliances are concerned.
    If the stove is to be installed underneath a wall-mounted TV, then this can be achieved by installing a shelf above the appliance to protect the TV from the heat produced by the stove.
    The shelf must be constructed from a non-combustible material positioned 400mm from the top of the appliance.
    There must then be a clearance of 200mm from the top of the shelf to the bottom of the TV.
    The depth of the shelf depends on the depth (or protrusion from the wall) of the TV but must extend at least 50mm outward from the front of the TV. See figure 5.
    If a minimum distance of 50mm to the TV from the shelf front cannot be achieved it is acceptable to position the stove forward from the wall and use a deeper shelf.
    If this the case then the stove must be installed so as to prevent movement back to the wall.
    The noncombustible shelf must not project further forward than the back edge of the outlet grille on the top of the stove.
    In all cases the shelf must extend at least 50mm forwards from the TV."
    The complete user guide is available to view in the download tab on the product page,
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards
    Customer Support answered on 12 February 2018
    Hi there, I'm potentially installing this stove into a huge room (250m2) mainly for the real gas fire effect and seasonal boost in autumn and spring where the main heating isn't on. Some flueless gas appliances have a room size where outside ventilation ceases to be needed. Is this the case for this appliance? Thank you. Tim
    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your question.
    It took a little longer than normal to get you an answer, I asked the manufacturers technical dept and they tell me: an air vent IS needed in the room regardless of the size of the room.
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 30 October 2018
    This stove is advertised as a 6030 model, but the details section quotes as 6010 model? Please which model is this and what are differences.
    Hi Pamela,
    Thank you for your question.
    Firstly, apologies for the typo, it should obviously say 6030, I've altered it now.

    The difference between the 6010 and the 6030 is purely cosmetic, the 6010 has a traditional style with an arched window whereas the 6030 is a more contemporary style with a rectangular window and less detail in the casting.
    Both models are flueless, and have the same 100% efficiency and 3.1kW output.

    6010 Traditional style gas stove -

    6030 Contemporary style gas stove -
    Hope this helps?
    kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 4 September 2017
    Is there a minimum distance from the stove to brick walls behind and at the side? Thanks
    hi Jane,
    Thank you for your question.
    Yes there are minimum distances the should be kept between the Ekofire 6030 and the wall. the manufacturer recommends:
    "Clearances to the sides of the appliance are 100mm (4”). Clearance to the front of the appliance is 500mm (20”).

    The back of the appliance may be installed directly in front of a non-combustible wall, providing the area behind the appliance is flat and does not interfere with the various vent holes in the back panel of the appliance. "
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 12 September 2017
    We have no chimney recess so we'd like to put a simple MDF/Chipboard surround around it. Is that OK - and does the hearth have to extend xmm beyond?
    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your question.
    The surround would have to be fireboard inside the chamber as chipboard or mdf would be classed as combustible materials.
    The installation and user manual suggests ideal fitting scenarios, you can download it here -
    Hope this helps?
    Kind regards,
    Customer Support answered on 28 September 2017
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