Dura Flue 6 Inch (150mm) 904 Grade Flexible Flue Liner Kit

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The liner kits we sell provide you with everything you'll need to fit and connect your liner. Our chimney liner kits includes the nose cone, flexible flue liner, rigid to flex flue adaptor to connect the flexible flue liner to the stove pipe and a pot hanger rain cap, acting as a bird guard, cowl and supports the liner from chimney pot.

Dura Flue 904 Flexible Flue Liner is arguably the best on the market. Where as most liners are made from one strip of steel folded in half creating the inner and outer liner, the folding of steel weakens the steel. Dura Flue is made from two separate strips of steel (904 inner - 316 outer) it's this unique manufacturing technique that makes Dura Flue different and makes it one of the strongest and most reliable. It also has a 30 year guarantee compared to the 20 years that most other liners offer.

This pack is also available with an increasing adaptor. This is used if your stove has a 5 inch outlet and you want to connect to a 6 inch flue liner. A 6 inch liner is required if you wish to burn coal.

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Material 904/316 Stainless Steel
Flue Parts Chimney Liner
Flue Diameter 6-Inch (150mm)
Guarantee 30 Years
More Colours No

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Product Questions 5

Are there a marking on the liner to show me what way it goes up or down
Question by: Tam on 20 Jun 2022, 12:48
Hi Tam, thanks for getting in touch.

It can go either way up.

More info here:


and in our technical brochure:


I hope this helps?
Answer by: Henry Lewis on 22 Jun 2022, 12:55
Could you tell me how the adapter fixes to the flue pipe and the solid outlet. I will be needing the 5 to 6 inch increaser.
Question by: Rob on 4 Oct 2021, 17:22
Hi there Rob thanks for getting in touch. It fits onto the flue pipe simply by sliding it on, it's a tight fit but it will go. You then use screws on the top of the adaptor to tighten. I hope this helps.
Answer by: Henry Lewis on 15 Oct 2021, 11:23
Which type of rain cap comes with this? The picture looks the same as either the push fit one or Premiums Dura one.
Question by: David Raymond on 22 May 2021, 20:24
Hi there David, thanks again for getting in touch. This is a standard Dura Flue Pot Hanger Rain Cap , and you are able to decide on the finish you want by selecting from the drop down box. You can have either Stainless Steel or a Terracotta finish. I hope this helps?
Answer by: Henry Lewis on 24 May 2021, 11:02
Just bought a multi burner but the outlet is oval how do I purchase and adaptor and know what sizes are and what size I need for my chimney please? Thank you
Question by: Paul Manley on 19 Jan 2021, 17:44
Hi there Paul, if you get in touch with https://www.tradepriceflues.com/ they should be able to give you more information on this. Thanks and I hope this helps.
Answer by: Henry Lewis on 26 Jan 2021, 15:14
is there a rear flue adaptor available
Question by: john on 30 Jul 2020, 12:36
Hi John,
Your two questions have come from a flexible flue liner kit product, I think they should be questions about a stove.

1. is there a rear flue adaptor available?

2. is there a boiler available?

Please let me know which stove you are enquiring about and I'll get the answers for you.
Hope this helps?
Kind regards,
Answer by: Jon Customer Services on 3 Aug 2020, 16:48

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