Why do stoves have to be black? Well, they don’t!

Coloured wood burning stoves can offer a great way to match your wood burner to your interiors. Whether you want a subtle hue or something to really catch the eye, you can find a coloured wood burner right here at Direct Stoves!

Here are some of our favourite wood burning stoves with coloured options for you to take a look at:

Read on to find out more about them...

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Charnwood Coloured Stoves

Charnwood Stoves are one of the leading manufacturers of wood burning stoves. They’ve been in the business for over forty years, but still manage to keep up with the latest technology and trends.

The Charnwood C-Series is a great range if you are looking for coloured log burners. Each stove is available in 8 stylish colours, as shown here:

Take a look at some of the best Charnwood coloured log burners to find the best coloured stove addition for your home…

Charnwood Bembridge Eco-Design Ready Wood Burning Stove

Designed alongside Country Living, this range features two exclusive colours for you to choose from - soft green and French grey. It boasts one of the best energy efficiency ratings of 82% while reaching a heat output of a snug 5kW.

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Charnwood C4 Blu Ecodesign Ready Wood Stove

The Charnwood C-Four stove is easily one the most popular wood burners in the range.

However, this update has made it better than ever! Already Defra approved and with an outstanding efficiency rating of 78.30%, it is now SIA Ecodesign Ready, promising the cleanest emissions.

Charnwood C-Four BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood Stove

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Charnwood C-Five BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood Stove

Just like the Charnwood C4, the Charnwood C-Five BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood Stove boasts amazing energy efficiency and is SIA Ecodesign Ready. Its charming appearance adds to its appeal too and, thanks to its 8 colour options, you can find the perfect one to fit into your room.

Charnwood C-Five BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood Stove

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Carron Enamel Stoves

Carron is another stove brand that you can count on for quality. They also feature an amazing range of coloured enamel wood burning stoves. With heat outputs ranging from 4.7kW to a toasty 11kW, you can cosy up with a choice of 9 enamel colours to suit your personal preference!

Here are some of our favourite Carron enamel log burners we think you will love…

Carron Darwin 4.7kW Defra Inset Stove - Red Enamel

This Defra approved multifuel stove comes with an amazing energy efficiency of 78%! It is also great if you don’t want a log burner to take up too much space, as it can be fit inside your wall cavity. The Carron Darwin Inset Stove is available as a classic black, red or cream enamel stove.

Carron Darwin Inset Stove

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Carron Dante China Blue 5kW Multifuel DEFRA Approved Stove

The Carron Dante Stove pairs a classic cylindrical shape with a brilliant range of contemporary colours for you to pick from. This china blue colour is perfect if you want to keep your room feeling light and airy. Defra approved and with an efficiency of 76.9%, you can’t go far wrong with this enamel stove.

Carron Dante Stove China Blue

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Carron Blue Enamel Double Door 11kW Multifuel DEFRA Approved Stove

With a traditional appearance and charming double doors, this Carron stove in dark blue is great if you don’t want to go too flamboyant with your colour option. Not quite as dark as black, this wood burner would look just as home in a country living room or kitchen.

Carron Blue Enamel Double Door

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You can see our full range of enamel stoves here.

Esse Coloured Stoves

Esse Engineering has been making stoves since 1854 and counts the British explorer Ernest Shackleton and Florence Nightingale among their customers. However, despite its long tradition, one of its stoves is available in some very contemporary colours…

Esse One Gold Wood Burning - Multi Fuel Defra Approved Stove

Perhaps one of the more out-there coloured stove options on this list, you can’t say that this wood burner doesn’t stand out! If the Esse gold stove isn’t to your liking, it is also available in white, ruby and a more conventional black. A great budget friendly stove, the Esse One stove packs a strong heat output of 5kW and 74% efficiency rating.

Esse 1 Gold wood burning stove

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If you want a coloured wood burning stove and can't see your choice here why not contact us - our sales team will be more than happy to help find the perfect stove for you. Alternatively, browse our full range of stoves to find an array of other options!