If you’re sick and tired of only being able to cook burgers and sausages outdoors on your BBQ, why not try an outdoor pizza oven instead? They make cooking a pizza outdoors a breeze and you'd be surprised how good a pizza tastes when you’re enjoying it in the comfort of your own back garden. But, if you’re thinking of buying one, you may be wondering which brands make the best outdoor pizza ovens? Keep reading to find out!

How to select the right outdoor pizza oven for you

Before we delve into the world of outdoor pizza oven brands, we thought it’d be useful to take you through some of the most important considerations you should take into account when selecting a pizza oven. 

After all, if you’re going to be investing in an outdoor pizza oven, you want to make sure it does everything you want it to do, and that it fits in with your garden and lifestyle. 

So, we’ve outlined below the key factors you should think about before hitting that ‘buy now’ button. 

Wood-fired or gas-fired outdoor pizza oven?

Arguably the most important consideration when buying an outdoor pizza oven is the type of fuel that it uses. 

The type of fuel that is used to fire an outdoor pizza oven has a big effect on the way it functions and how you cook foods on it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each fuel type. 

Wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens

If you want the traditional, truly-authentic outdoor pizza oven experience then you have to buy a wood-fire outdoor pizza oven. 

Wood is an ideal fuel for outdoor pizza ovens as the intense, dry flames caramelise the sugars in the dough, resulting in a distinctive taste and quick cooking time. 

However, using a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven effectively takes some getting used to. 

Firstly, you have to master the art of setting up kindling and starting a fire. Secondly, you have to pay very close attention to the temperature and draw of the fire. For example, when the door of the pizza oven is closed, the flames will be weaker (as they are not getting as much oxygen). Whilst the door is closed, the pizza will be cooking via convection and conduction. 

Open the door, and the flames will once again become intense, providing that final ‘crispiness’ to the pizza. 

All of this is easy to read, but harder to actually pull off in practice. 

But, if you’re up for the challenge, and you want the authentic pizza oven experience, wood-fired is the way to go. 

Gas-fired outdoor pizza ovens

If the wood-fired option sounds like far too much work, then the alternative is the cleaner, easier, gas-fired option.

Gas-fired outdoor pizza ovens have a number of advantages. First of all, they don’t require any pre-heating. Whereas a wood-fired pizza oven needs to be lit at least 30 minutes prior to cooking, a gas-fired pizza oven is ready at the flip of a switch. 

The second main advantage of a gas-fired pizza oven, is that it’s extremely easy to control the temperature whilst you’re cooking. A wood-fired pizza oven requires a great deal of experience, intuition (and sometimes) guesswork. With a gas-fired pizza oven, you should be able to achieve consistently good results. 

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning away ash! 

So, if you want an outdoor pizza oven, but don’t want to compromise on modern conveniences, choose a gas-fired model. 

ACR Vita Wood Fired Pizza Oven

ACR Vita Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Moveable or fixed outdoor pizza oven? 

Do you want to be able to move your pizza oven at will? Or, are you happy for it to remain fixed in a single place? 

This is the second major question you should answer before buying an outdoor pizza oven. 

Okay, then. Let’s weigh up the two options and see how they compare.

Moveable outdoor pizza oven

If you have a smaller garden or outdoor space, then you probably don’t want a pizza oven taking up a big chunk of your available space. Like many people, you’ll want to do many different things with your outdoor space and having a large fixed appliance in it can limit your options. 

Thankfully, there are a huge range of moveable/portable outdoor pizza ovens that offer you plenty of flexibility, without compromising on quality or cooking ability. 

If you are looking to buy a moveable outdoor pizza oven, then check the following things:

  • Does it come with a stand or is this sold separately? 
  • If it does come with a stand, does it have wheels and/or moving handles? 
  • Is it designed to be a tabletop pizza oven? If so, do you have an appropriate table/flat surface to put it on? 
  • How much does it weigh? Will you be able to move it alone, or will you need assistance? 
  • How easily can it be stored? Does it collapse or dismantle for easier storage in a shed or garage? 

Your answers to these questions will help you determine what sort of moveable outdoor pizza oven is right for you. 

Of course, by asking these questions, you may instead find that a fixed outdoor pizza oven is a better choice.

Fixed outdoor pizza oven

Should pizza be a particular passion, then you may want to opt for a more permanent option. In which case, a fixed outdoor pizza oven will be perfect for your needs.

Fixed outdoor pizza ovens are generally much larger, being able to cook multiple pizzas at once. They are generally also far more robust than portable ovens, being manufactured from brick, concrete or other long-lasting, heavy-duty materials. 

However, if you’re want to buy a fixed outdoor pizza oven, there are several questions you should answer first: 

  • Do you have enough room and a suitable location for a fixed outdoor pizza oven? 
  • Will you be able to build a stand on which to place your pizza oven?
  • Do you want to build it from scratch, or do you want to buy a pre-built fixed pizza oven? 

Depending on how you answer these questions, will determine what sort of fixed outdoor pizza oven is best for you. 

Here at Direct Stoves, our most popular fixed outdoor pizza ovens are supplied in one piece and don’t require building. They are constructed from a brick and cement render which provides great performance and enables the oven to quickly reach temperatures of up to 400ºC.

What size outdoor pizza oven should you buy? 

You’ve thought about what fuel type pizza oven you should buy, and whether it should be moveable or fixed, but what about the size of the thing? 

Size should be your next consideration when choosing an outdoor pizza oven. 

The size of pizza oven you should buy is largely dictated by the number of people you’ll be regularly cooking for. If you’re a regular entertainer and are hosting large numbers of people, then you’ll want a pizza oven that can cook multiple pizzas at once - which means you’ll generally have to buy a larger, fixed outdoor pizza oven. 

Whereas, if cooking pizzas is only an occasional indulgence for you and your family, a smaller, portable pizza oven will be more suitable. 

When thinking about the right size pizza oven for you, you should think about price too. As a general rule, the larger the pizza oven, the more you should expect to pay.

Multi-purpose outdoor pizza ovens

Pizza. Is that it? Is that all you really want to cook?

If you think you may get bored of pizza and will want the ability to cook other types of foods, then you may want to buy a multi-purpose outdoor pizza oven. 

Some outdoor pizza ovens combine the functions of a BBQ with those of a pizza oven. For example, they include a grill section or the ability to smoke meats and fish.

You may sometimes have to pay extra to get an outdoor pizza oven with these extra features, but for the sake of your palette it can be worth it!

Royal Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Royal Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Must-have outdoor pizza oven accessories

Buying an outdoor pizza oven for your home involves more than just buying the oven itself. If you want to have a truly enjoyable outdoor cooking experience, there are a number of accessories that we’d strongly recommend buying at the same time as the oven:

  • Pizza peel - pizza peels are the tools used to put pizzas in and out of ovens. Traditional pizza peels are made completely out of wood, but more modern versions feature a steel or aluminum flat section connected to a wooden handle (mainly for hygiene purposes). 
  • Oven brush - no matter how hard you try, you’re bound to leave some residue or baked-on detritus in your pizza oven after use. An oven brush with a built-in scraper will help you get rid of the most stubborn pizza residue. 
  • Protective cover - whether you’re investing in a moveable or fixed outdoor pizza oven, it can pay to have a robust, waterproof cover so that you can protect your oven from the elements and keep it in good condition. 

How much should you pay for an outdoor pizza oven? 

Naturally, price is one of the most important considerations when buying an outdoor pizza oven.

But, like many purchases, the price you will pay will largely be determined by the size of the oven, its features, the quality of its manufacture, the brand you choose and much else besides. 

Here at Direct Stoves we seek to cater to all budgets without compromising on quality. So, we stock outdoor pizza ovens that start at £549 and go all the way up to £4,000 for the most-advanced, high-spec models. 

The best outdoor pizza oven brands

Now that we’ve taken a look at the key things you should think about before buying an outdoor pizza oven, we’ll take a look at the leading outdoor pizza oven brands and some of their most popular models. 


Established in 1853 in Denmark, Morso has historically invited the country’s most-talented designers to create their stoves, pizza ovens and other kitchen equipment. Morso specialises in creating cast-iron pizza ovens as this material distributes heat excellently, providing an excellent cooking experience.

Below, we’ve taken a look at the most popular Morso pizza ovens in greater detail.

Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

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Able to cook a wide variety of food stuffs including steaks, lamb, and of course pizzas, the Morso Forno is a very versatile, high-quality outdoor oven. 

Because the Forno is made from double-coated cast iron, you can rest assured that you’ll get a lifetime of service from this particular outdoor oven. 

Plus, the Morso Forno comes complete with a huge range of accessories, so at the click of a single button, you’ll end up with everything you need to create a complete outdoor kitchen. 

Here are the accessories you’ll receive when you buy a Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set:

  • Forno Outdoor Oven.
  • Outdoor Table. 
  • Tuscan Grill.
  • Ash Scraper. 
  • Fire Tongs.
  • Flue Pipe.
  • Pizza Peel.
  • Forno Door.
  • Forno Cover.
  • Cook Book. 

What’s not to like!? If you want the complete outdoor pizza oven package, you’ve just found it in the Morso Forno. 

Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set

Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set

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The Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set comes with the same Forno oven as the Deluxe Outdoor Set, but has a smaller Terra outdoor table. 

You’ll benefit from the same double-coated cast iron quality construction, and you’ll also be able to cook the same variety of foodstuffs including juicy steaks, smoked salmon to homemade crispy pizzas and delicious lamb shoulders. 

For authentic outdoor dining, there’s few competitors to the Morso Forno Deluxe Terra Outdoor Oven Set.


When you’re looking for a wallet friendly, yet still high quality outdoor pizza oven, ACR has got you covered. 

ACR has been manufacturing stoves, pizza ovens and other outdoor appliances for over 30 years from its base in the heart of the Midlands. 

As you’ll see, their range of outdoor pizza ovens are very versatile, focus on offering great functionality and include a 2-year warranty (if purchased from a recommended dealer such as ourselves).

So, let’s have a closer look at ACR’s outdoor pizza ovens…

ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven

ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven

ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven

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Designed in Italy, the ACR VitaMax will give you the authentic outdoor pizza cooking experience. 

This log fired pizza oven can reach 500ºC in as little as 30 minutes, with its premium insulation helping to retain heat. It also features a chamotte base within the oven which will give your pizzas that crispiness which is so characteristic of the pizza oven experience.

As we mentioned earlier, ACR’s pizza ovens are very versatile and the VitaMax is no exception. The VitaMax can be used for roasting, slow cooking and a host of other cooking methods. It’s also positioned on a moveable shelf, so it’s always at the perfect height for cooking. 

ACR Bravo Pizza Oven

ACR Bravo Pizza Oven

ACR Bravo Pizza Oven

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Log fired. Italian design. European manufacture. The ACR Brazo ticks all the boxes you want for an outdoor pizza oven. 

Like the VitaMax, the Bravo is a flexible piece of kit, being able to roast chickens, griddle vegetables and even bake bread in addition to its ability to cook pizzas. 

The Bravo can reach temperatures of up to 250ºC within as little as 20 minutes, so it’s perfect if you want to get cooking without delay. It’s construction is top class too. A stainless steel body is complimented by a chamotte brick oven base and premium insulation to ensure the Bravo will provide you with years of service. 

The Bravo is designed to sit on a countertop or to be built into an outdoor kitchen, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to be restricted by a stand. 


Founded over 70 years ago by brothers Giuseppe, Bruno and Carlo, Fontana is easily one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor pizza ovens. 

The Fontana factory is situated in the heart of the Marche region in Italy and combines the latest technologies with traditional craftsmanship. The production process is done entirely in house so Fontana is able to oversee the entire production line from start-to-finish, guaranteeing 100% Made in Italy pizza ovens!

Fontana’s pizza ovens are extremely popular here at Direct Stoves, and as we take a look at some of their most popular models below, we’re sure you’ll understand why!

Fontana Piero Gas & Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Fontana Piero Gas & Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Fontana Piero Gas & Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Struggling to choose between a gas or wood-fired pizza oven? Then why not have both!? The Fontane Piero enables you to choose between the convenience of gas and the traditional flavour and fragrance of wood. Whatever the mood suits!

Thanks to the optional extra stand, the Piero is highly portable and can be easily moved to make those spontaneous outdoor get togethers even more enjoyable. 

Not only is the Piero highly functional, but it’s exceptionally high quality too. Take for example the construction of the Piero. Only stones of the highest-performing refractory material and certified for food are used in the interior of the oven. Thanks to its 60cm x 40cm dimensions, the Piero will comfortably hold up to two pizzas.

Fontana Mangiafuoco Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Fontana Mangifuoco Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Fontana Mangifuoco Gas Fired Pizza Oven

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For the ultimate in gas-fired pizza oven performance, choose the Fontana Mangiafuoco. 

The Mangiafuoco has a large 60x80cm cooking chamber and is manufactured almost wholly from 304 grade stainless steel. The optional cart makes this pizza oven easily moveable. 

The Mangiafuoco comes with several essential accessories including a wood-plate holder, fire tool, stainless steel flue pipe (with adjustable smoke exit valve and chimney top) and a cooking chamber door. 


An independent British brand, DeliVita sells hand-made, wood-fired pizza ovens that’ll transform any garden or outdoor space. 

The family behind DeliVita couldn’t find a pizza oven that could quite meet their needs (they say that conventional ovens and AGAs cannot reach the right temperature), so in 2016 DeliVita was born. 

DeliVita’s outdoor pizza oven is designed with a few important considerations in mind - it’s designed to be FAST, PORTABLE, STYLISH and SOCIAL. 

With that philosophy in mind, let’s take a look at DeliVita’s most popular pizza oven package here at Direct Stoves. 

DeliVita Outdoor Oven Wood Fired Bundle

DeliVita Outdoor Oven Wood Fired Bundle

DeliVita Outdoor Oven Wood Fired Bundle

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The DeliVita is a stylish light outdoor oven, with each one hand made in Yorkshire to exacting standards. Thanks to its insulated base, the DeliVita can be placed on any surface sturdy enough to hold its weight. The DeliVita is made from fibreglass and weighs just under 30kg.

It’s not only great at cooking pizzas, but is great to look at too! You can buy one of six different colours - but if these don’t offer enough choice, you can actually supply DeliVita with the RAL code for the colour you’d like and have it made specially for you. 

The DeliVita Outdoor Oven Wood Fired Bundle doesn’t just include the pizza oven. You also get a whole host of accessories, so you can start cooking as soon as the package arrives. 

What’s in the box? We’ve listed the contents below:

  • All weather cover.
  • Oven brush. 
  • Prod & Blow.
  • Oven Door. 
  • Black Iron Dish.
  • Leather Glove. 
  • Fired Recipe Book.
  • Taster Wood Pack. 

Sounds like the perfect pizza oven for your garden? Then order now, but be aware that because the DeliVita is handmade, there is generally a 3 to 4 week lead time. 

Xclusive Decor

A third-generation, family-owned business, Xclusive Decor is a leading manufacturer of fixed, brick-built outdoor pizza ovens. 

If you want to create a centrepiece pizza oven in your garden, then Xclusive Decor is the brand for you. Their range of outdoor pizza ovens combine the fantastic cooking features of brick-built appliances, yet are provided ready-made so you don’t have to worry about assembly or construction. 

Xclusive Decor 800mm-800mm Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Xclusive Decor 800mm-800mm Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Xclusive Decor 800mm-800mm Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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This has to be the ultimate accessory for your garden. Highly flexible, you can use this oven to cook everything from roast chickens to bread and pizzas. It’s supplied in one piece so no building is required. 

Thanks to its brick and cement render construction, this pizza oven will easily reach the 400ºC required to create perfect pizzas. 

It’s also available with several optional extras including a flue pipe (with rain cap), and a five piece tool set that includes a broom, rake, shovel, hook, pizza peel and wall mounting bracket.

Get a ‘pizza’ the outdoor dining action at Direct Stoves

Outdoor dining is THE summer trend this year. Make sure you get a ‘pizza the action’ with an outdoor pizza oven from Direct Stoves. We hope this article has given you plenty of useful advice as well as inspiration. But, there’s much more to explore on the Direct Stoves website. 

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