When it comes to buying a stove, one of the main considerations is always going to be efficiency. Not only does this mean saving money on your energy bills, but they are also less harmful to the environment. At Direct Stoves, we try to help you with this decision by stocking a huge range of DEFRA approved stoves, which mean they can be used in ‘smoke control’ areas.

But there's a number of other considerations when it comes stove efficiency. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most efficient stoves on the market at the moment. But first of all, let’s set the scene.

What are DEFRA approved stoves?

Technically speaking, the correct terminology is ‘DEFRA Exempt Stove’ or ‘DEFRA Smoke Exempt Appliance’ and DEFRA is the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs - they are the rule makers when it comes deciding what fuels you can and can’t burn in your home.

A ‘smoke control area’ is a part of the UK where residents are not allowed to emit smoke from their chimney unless they are using an authorised fuel source, or an exempt appliance. With the prospect of a £1,000 fine for breaking the rules, it’s well worth the investment to ensure the stove you buy is DEFRA exempt.

DEFRA approved fuels do vary slightly across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so it’s always best to check here - https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stoves

Obviously having a DEFRA approved stove is important with efficiency in mind, but those looking further forward will also take note of the ‘Ecodesign Ready Scheme’ launched by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA).

The scheme recognises that although wood burning stoves are a relatively low source of emissions, lowering them even further is no bad thing. Due to come into force in 2022, Ecodesign is the European programme to lower emission and all the main stove manufacturers in the SIA have already agreed that from 2020 they will only manufacture products that are compliant with the Ecodesign criteria.

However, there are a number of stoves on the market that are already Ecodesign Ready, and therefore represent a very sensible investment for those that are conscious of the efficiency of their stoves and all the products we’ll feature here are Ecodesign compliant.

The Most Efficient Stoves 2017-2018

Mendip Ashcott Wood Burning Defra Stove

Mendip is a well established stove manufacturer, gaining plaudits with us and our customers for how well they incorporate modern technology and contemporary design in a product that is always a very high quality. Their Aschott Wood Burning Defra Stove is no exception, and operating at 80% efficiency (80% of the output heating your room, 20% expelled through the chimney), it makes sense on the wallet as well.

With the Ashcott in particular, we love stainless steel hinges, door handle and large ceramic glass window which would make it a stunning centerpiece in any modern home. The magnetic door mechanism is very easy to open, which also helps with cleaning and maintenance.

Charnwood C-Five BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood / Multifuel Stove

Charnwood is one of the most popular stove brands in the UK, and with the C-Five Blue Ecodesign Ready Stove it’s easy to see why. Offering consumers the chance to futureproof their home, the stove exceeds the 2022 directives referenced above, and is DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas.

The optional multi fuel kit means you can burn coal as well as wood, and an inlet for external air into the stove means that both performance and efficiency are improved.

ACR Oakdale DEFRA Approved Multifuel Stove

ACR has been producing stoves for over 25 years, and in the Oakdale DEFRA Approved Multifuel Stove they have put that knowledge to very good use. With the comfort and charm of a traditional cast iron stove, it also features a powerful airwash system (specially placed vents drawing external air over the inside of the glass, keeping it clean) and easy to use controls that make living with the stove a cinch.

The ACR Oakdale DEFRA Approved Multifuel Stove is available in matt black, gloss black enamel, gloss buttermilk enamel and majolica brown enamel, so you can easily find the perfect finish to suit the decor of your home.

Arada Farringdon Small Black 5kW SIA Ecodesign Ready Multifuel Stove

An independent manufacturer that has been operating out of its Devon base since 1983, Arada has now established a loyal base of customers. As well as being DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas and compliant with the 2022 European Ecodesign regulations, it is packed with great features.

Like the Oakdale above, the airflow system in the Arada Farringdon Ecodesign Ready Multifuel Stove will keep the glass sparkling clean so you can bask in the glow of the fire, and the easy to use controls making living with it incredibly easy.

Westfire Uniq 37 Defra Approved Wood Burning Stove

When it comes to stoves, Westfire are the undisputed masters of tastefully understated Danish design. It’s unsurprising then that the Uniq 37 DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove looks so stylish. The two large glass side panels will give you an incredible 180 degree view of the fire so it can become a stunning centerpiece.

It’s efficient, beautifully designed and easy to use - you can see why our customers love it!

So there you have it, a handy round up of the most efficient stoves available to you right now. You can shop our full range of DEFRA stoves on our website, or if you have any questions about the efficiency of any of our products then get in touch today.