If you’re looking for a stove which can be sleekly integrated into one of the walls of your home, then you’re going to want a cassette stove. But what exactly is a cassette stove? How are they different from regular stoves? Keep reading and the Direct Stoves team will answer these questions and more…

Cassette stove definition

Let’s kick things off with a definition. A cassette stove is a type of stove which can be inserted flush into a wall to create a ‘window’ of fire. 

Cassette stoves typically feature a metal frame around the stove itself. It’s the job of this frame to provide an air gap. This air gap is important, as otherwise the stove wouldn’t be able to pull air in from the room - and push heat out into it.

Even with this air gap around the edge of a cassette stove, many cassette stoves require an additional air supply. As such, you’ll find that the majority of cassette stoves feature an external air supply. This is essentially a small pipe that pulls fresh air into the stove from outside your home.

Just like traditional wood-burning stoves, cassette stoves also require a flue to vent away smoke and combustibles. 

How much do cassette stoves cost?

Cassette stoves are an affordable way of creating an amazing interior decor feature in your home. 

But, it’s essential that you buy a high-quality cassette stove. This is because your cassette stove will be embedded in a wall of your home - as such, you want to buy one that’s going to last for decades. 

So, look for cassette stoves from well-established manufacturers. These include Ekol, Cast Tec, ACR, Pevex, Arada, Beltane, Stovax and more. 

These manufacturers offer cassette stoves starting from just under £1,000 all the way up to £3,500+. 

How much heat do cassette stoves give off? 

As cassette stoves are typically located in living rooms, you’ll find that the majority of cassette stoves have a heat output of around 5kW. This is sufficient heat to keep a medium-sized living room warm.

If you’ve got a much larger space to heat, then it’s possible to buy cassette stoves across a range of heat outputs, from 5kW all the way up to 12kW.

Are cassette stoves easy to install? 

Yes. Cassette stoves are no more difficult to install than regular wood-burning stoves. 

You need to ensure that the wall you are setting it into is of solid masonry construction, with an external air connection (if your stove requires one), and a chimney flue. 

Whilst it’s entirely possible to install a cassette stove yourself, we’d strongly recommend hiring a HETAS-registered installer to install your stove. 

A HETAS-registered installer will be able to install your stove in a safe and compliant way that adheres to the relevant Building Regulations. 

Tip - if you’re looking for a HETAS-registered installer, you can find one on the HETAS website here.

What do cassette stoves burn?

Many cassette stoves are designed to burn seasoned wood, however it’s also possible to buy what are known as ‘multifuel’ cassette stoves. 

Multifuel cassette stoves are stoves which can burn both seasoned firewood and other solid fuels such as anthracite. 

This makes multifuel cassette stoves a great choice if you don’t have plentiful access to seasoned firewood.

How much does it cost to run a cassette stove? 

If you’re intending to run your cassette stove on seasoned firewood, then you’ll find that it makes for a very economical home heating option. 

As we’ve written previously, the annual firewood cost for a cassette stove can be as little as £420 to £490.

This makes cassette stoves significantly cheaper than other heating appliances such as electric or gas heaters.

Are cassette stoves available in different colours? 

Yes. Aside from the traditional matt black, cassette stoves are available in a palette of different colours from greys and blues through to reds, creams, and bronzes.

Here at Direct Stoves, you can sort our cassette stoves by colour. Simply use the filter on the left-hand side of the page.

Cassette Stove Colour Options

The best cassette stoves UK

Not only do we offer some of the best cassette stoves in the UK, but they also come with FREE mainland UK delivery, 14-day no hassle returns, and a range of finance options to help you spread the cost of your new stove. 

So, if it’s time for a new stove, check out our selection of the most popular cassette stoves below.

Pevex Slimline 30 Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset Stove

Pevex Slimline 30 Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset Stove

Pevex Slimline 30 Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset Stove

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Ideal for installations that require a narrow cassette stove, the Pevex Slimline 30 has a depth of only 313 mm.

With a large glass window, the Pevex Slimline 30 provides an excellent view of the fire within, creating a cosy ambience in your home.

Aside from looking good, the Pevex Slimline 30 has a powerful 5kW heat output with an efficiency of 77%. The stove’s vermiculite chamber also aids combustion and efficiency.

Being DEFRA-approved, the Pevex Slimline 30 can be used in smoke control areas, such as built-up areas, towns, and cities.

Arada i600 DEFRA Approved Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset Stove

Arada i600 DEFRA Approved Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset

Arada i600 DEFRA Approved Wood Burning/Multifuel Inset Stove

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Looking for a more powerful cassette stove? Then the Arada i600’s 7.5kW heat output will keep even large open-plan spaces nice and warm.

Available with a variety of trim types, including frameless, three-sided trim for hearth mounting, and four-sided trim for a hole in the wall installation.

It also features a handy two position door mechanism which provides for easy cold lighting. Primary, secondary, and tertiary air controls not only ensure the stove burns in a highly efficient and clean manner, but that the stove glass remains crystal clear.

Not only is the Arada i600 packed with tech, it’s also customisable. For example, the stove door can be selected in Midnight Black, Atlantic Blue, Mist Grey, Sandcastle Cream, Slate Grey, or Spice Red.

Charnwood Bay 5 VL Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

Charnwood Bay 5 VL Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

Charnwood Bay 5 VL Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

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As one of the oldest British manufacturers of wood-burning stoves, Charnwood has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality stoves that’ll stand the test of time. 

The Charnwood Bay 5 VL is a perfect example of this reputation.

Featuring a stunning wide screen window, the Bay 5 VL will make the perfect addition to the most stylish and contemporary of living spaces. 

With a gloss back vitreous enamel surround and being brick lined, the Bay 5 VL is designed for easy installation and delivers 5kW of room heat with an efficiency of 80%. 

To add to the Bay 5 VL’s versatility, it comes with an 80 mm external air spigot so that it can be used in modern homes with low permeability.

The Bay 5 VL is also DEFRA approved, meaning it can be used in smoke control areas.

Westfire Uniq 32 Wide Frame DEFRA Approved Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

Westfire Uniq 32 Wide Frame DEFRA Approved Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

Westfire Uniq 32 Wide Frame DEFRA Approved Wood Burning EcoDesign Inset Stove

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Should you want a new cassette stove that’ll be a real head turning, attention-grabbing centrepiece in your home, then choose the Westfire Uniq 32.

Featuring a ‘widescreen’ glass window, the Uniq 32 will cast a warm glow across your living space, providing a spectacular view of the fire within the stove. 

Putting out a large 7kW of heat, the Uniq 32 is ideal for heating larger, open-plan spaces (up to 150 m³). It does all this in a highlight efficient way, with an efficiency of 82%. Being DEFRA approved, the Uniq 32 is also suitable for use in smoke control areas. 

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