There's been a bit of negative press around wood burning stoves recently. You may have heard about the government wanting to clamp down on wood burners in an effort to improve the air quality in the UK - although this was all a little misleading.

The main issue regarding wood burners and air quality is about the fuel being burned, specifically wet or unseasoned wood. However, it is true that some stoves are not as eco-friendly as others, and older stoves can be particularly guilty of this. In 2022, new regulation will come into force meaning that any new stoves fitted will have to meet much more stringent emission tests.

That's why we've set up the UK's first Stove Scrappage Scheme.

You can upgrade your old stove to an Ecodesign-ready stove and earn 10% cashback by recycling your old, less efficient stove*.

Ecodesign ready stoves are a new-standard in wood burning stoves, reducing harmful emission by 90% and are much more efficient than older stoves and open fireplaces.

How the Stove Scrappage Scheme Works

  • Choose the Ecodesign ready stove you would like from this page, all of which feature this logo:
  • Download our Stove Scrappage Scheme certificate.
  • Once the new stove is fitted, take your old stove to a BMRA accredited metal recycler** and ask them to sign the Stove Scrappage Scheme certificate to prove it's been scrapped.***
  • Send the signed Stove Scrappage Certificate back along with the HETAS certificate to show your new stove has been fitted. Once we receive this documentation you will be refunded 10% of the value of the stove.

* Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

** A full list of metal and stove recycling centres near you can be found on the British Metal Recycling Association site. We recommend you call them first to check they accept the material your stove is made from.

*** If there isn’t a BMRA recycling facility near you, we can arrange for collection of the old stove, with the cost of collection to be deducted from the 10% refund.

Direct Stoves Stove Scrappage scheme

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