Nothing is cosier than relaxing around a warm, glowing fire with your family on a chilly winter night. A wood-burning stove is an excellent choice for heating your home without increasing energy bills. And a wood-burning stove can be a great way to raise the sale value of your home.

You should take some preventative measures before enjoying the benefits of a wood burner's additional heat and cosiness. Doing this will subsequently ensure your safety and comfort at home. Wood burners can be a fire hazard when misused or if you're not careful about what you place near them.

You will likely use your wood burner throughout the winter quite often. So having a stash of logs in the living room is a convenient option. But where can you store them safely? Wood is seriously combustible – unless it's in the firebox crackling away in your wood burner, it can put your home at serious risk of fire if not stored correctly.

How close to your wood burner can you store firewood?

You should always store logs correctly if they are in the same room as your wood burner.

Don't keep the logs on the top of the stove or right next to it on the hearth.

Unless you have a log burner that has a built-in log store that's safe for storing logs by design, then it's best to keep the wood in a different area. Our Wovenhill log baskets are the perfect option for this. They provide you with somewhere to keep your logs neatly stashed away without creating a fire hazard.  

Keep firewood safely stored away in a log basket

If you're storing your logs in a log basket, you should have them on another side of the room or as far away from the log burner as possible. 

If you've got limited space or like adding a log basket filled with logs as a feature near your fire, check your stove's manufacturer's handbook for the distance to combustibles. That will tell you how far the wood burner should be from combustible materials, such as wood. 

If you are storing your logs at this distance away from the log burner or further away, your log burner and wood storage will be safe.

Our Wovenhill Kubu Rattan Rectangular Log Basket with Wheels in Extra Large is the perfect choice of storage for your firewood. It's fitted with a jute liner to prevent mess and holds a surprisingly large number of logs, allowing you to stay stocked with firewood for days at a time. 

The handy wheels mean that you can quickly move the basket – and the combustible logs – away from the fire when it roars and then move it closer to the stove when it's cold, and there's no fire risk.

Log store stoves: A safe alternative for storing logs close to the fire

A big basket filled with logs can look amazing, and it's a convenient option for putting firewood in your log burner. But what do you do if you have a smaller living room? Or if there is little space for a big wicker log basket safe from the fire?

A log burner with built-in log storage might be the best choice for your home. These stoves have a stand or built-in area, often underneath or to the side of the stove, where you can safely store logs for later use.

Log-store stoves are the perfect choice for a smaller or larger living room where you want to save on space to make more room for your other furnishings.

Morso 7443 – best for contemporary rooms and freestanding installation

Morso 7443 Wood Burning Ecodesign Log Store Stove

This Morso 7443 Wood Burning Ecodesign Log Store Stove comes with a beautiful cylinder log storage area underneath the firebox that allows you to store your logs safely and looks brilliant as a feature.

The stove has a panoramic 180-degree viewing area. It's seriously contemporary and sleek, packed with all the latest features you'd expect from a modern wood burner. These include an airwash system, tertiary air, double-glazed side panels, easy-use single controls, and a convection system. Plus, it's external air compatible – perfect for new builds.

It's an excellent choice for a freestanding installation in any size room. Likewise, it perfectly works in a smaller space with a heat output of 4.3kW and a log store base.

Charnwood Aire 3 Blu – best for in a fireplace or a traditional room

Charnwood Aire 3 Blu Store Stand Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove

If a traditional stove is more your thing, or you want to have it installed in a fireplace rather than freestanding, then the Charnwood Aire 3 Blu Store Stand Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove is a fabulous choice.

This stove looks impressive as a focal point in a smaller living room. It features a classic, simple design and a log store stand for safely storing your firewood underneath the firebox. And it fits in perfectly whether your décor is contemporary or more traditional.

It's got a large ceramic glass viewing window and a solid cast iron door, helping to retain the 3.6kW heat output.

Mendip Christon 750 – best for a larger room

Mendip Christon 750 Wood Burning Ecodesign Logstore Stove

With an outstanding heat output of 8.7kW, the Mendip Christon 750 Wood Burning Ecodesign Logstore Stove is the perfect choice for heating a larger room on a chilly day.

You can keep your firewood in the log store stand, neatly and safely for future use. It's a great practical solution and looks fantastic in a living room.

The stunning modular design of this stove looks fantastic in any room. It's packed with cutting-edge combustion technology and boasts a super-clean burn thanks to the advanced firebox design.

Turn your firewood into a feature with alcove storage

You can utilise chimney breast alcoves to create an ideal spot for storing firewood. Before turning your alcoves into a log storage area, measure the distance from the wood burner to the nook. Ensure that it is more than the maximum distance to combustibles specified by your stove manufacturer.

You can build up logs in the alcove for a striking feature. Or, have built-in or freestanding log stores to place in the space. For a more compact solution, consider adding a little log store next to a sideboard placed in the alcove. Or, you could wall-mount shelves to place logs on or inside.

With a wood-burning stove, you must be careful where you store your firewood.  Having it too close to the stove could cause a severe fire hazard.

We hope this article has helped you safely yet stylishly store your firewood to heat your home. 

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