If you're familiar with the Direct Stoves website then you will have seen our wide range of Pizza Ovens - meaning you can bring an authentic taste of Italy to your home.

If you haven't yet seen it - click the link here to view Pizza Ovens on the Direct Stoves website and you will see we stock traditional Stone and Masonry Pizza Ovens, as well as modern Cast Iron models - basically a pizza oven to suit any home.

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Now you're familiar with the wide range of Pizza Ovens we sell, you might be thinking - can I only use my pizza oven outside?

Previously speaking; yes. But not any more.

If you are wanting to build your pizza oven into a structure, or even just extend the chimney - with our Pizza Oven Extension Flue Kit you can safely do so.

This kit allows you to safely use your pizza oven indoors, preferably within an outdoor garden room, shed or outhouse or under a gazebo type structure.

It's important that if you are doing this, that you inform your home or business insurer. They will be able to let you know if this is allowed within the terms of your insurance cover and what you will need to do.

It is important when using a pizza oven in an indoor structure that the chimney is correctly vented, and if you have any queries, please contact Direct Stoves on 0161 516 8784 for more information.

Our Pizza Oven Extension Flue Kit is available in two finishes, Matt Black and Stainless steel, and includes:

Choose the colour and the diameter to suit your oven or it's surroundings. Each kit contains:
1x Twin Wall Standard Adapter;
2x 1000mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipes;
1x 500mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipe;
1x Twin Wall Rain Cap;
1x Twin Wall Roof Support;
1x Dektie Eazy Seal Flashing;
1x Twin Wall Storm Collar;
4x Twin Wall Locking Bands;
1x Twin Wall 95-135mm Wall Support.

This flue kit is approx. 2.5 metres from the top of the oven, if you require a taller flue pipe please choose Flue Pipe Extension Options when ordering.

For recipes, product ideas and real life customer pizza oven photos head to our blog - Dough It Yourself – bring the authentic taste of Italy to your home with Outdoor Pizza Ovens.

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