Unlike wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves or solid fuel stoves are appliances that can burn pretty much any type of fuel from peat to wood, standard coal to smokeless coal. Multi fuel stoves are as popular today as they ever have been and now with advancements in technology they far easier and cleaner to use.

Most multi fuel stoves on the market today come with airwash systems to keep the glass clean. They have built-in 'riddling' grates allowing the user to shake the grate that the fuel sits on, this shakes the coals up allowing the ash to drop into the ash pan.


The costs associated with running a multi-fuel stove can vary greatly, particularly given the higher installation costs. These initial costs are typically offset by the long term savings on fuel, particularly when compared to heating your home with electricity (even more so with the recent price increases).

The price of your stove installation will vary depending upon a number of factors, including connections to your boiler/water heating system. According to the National Energy Foundation, consumers could expect to pay in the region of £1500 to purchase and install a new multi fuel stove, though this figure does depend on your plans to connect your system to a boiler. The increasing popularity in stoves in recent years has allowed us to drive down the price on the initial purchase however, with many of our most popular units being priced at less than £500.


The efficiency of your multi fuel stove largely depends upon the fuel you choose, which understandably affects the 'Green' nature of your energy consumption. For example, wood is carbon neutral as the carbon released has been offset by that carbon absorbed during the lifespan of the tree, making it an eco-friendly choice. Wood can also be a cost effective option depending on your ability to source fire wood.

Your multi fuel stove becomes less eco-friendly when burning fossil fuels like coal, though they do become more energy efficient with these choices. The benefit of running multi fuel stove comes in the choice and balance provided in 'fuel selection'. The option to vary your fuel provides the ability to straddle the lines between eco-friendly, and cost efficiency.[related_products]