As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, our thoughts turn to making our homes as cosy and inviting as possible. This is where Scandinavian interior design comes into its own. With its emphasis on natural materials, muted colours, and simple, functional furniture, it creates an atmosphere of hygge – the Danish word for cosiness and contentment.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can introduce Scandinavian interior design into your home to create a warm, welcoming, and stylish space. From key furniture pieces to textures and accessories, we’ve got all the tips you need to get that hygge feeling. We’ll also look at how to incorporate a wood-burning stove into your scheme to add warmth and drama. Let’s get started!

The Scandinavian interior design aesthetic

Certain principles guide Scandinavian interior design and style. Clean lines, minimalism, natural textures and light, airy rooms are hallmarks of the look. Furniture and accessories are simple but beautifully designed. Neutrals and muted, earthy tones dominate, punctuated by flashes of bright colour via accessories or art. Natural wood is used extensively. The overall effect is understated yet very sophisticated.

This pared-back aesthetic may seem austere, but hygge is all about creating a welcoming, informal vibe. The texture is important here – sheepskins, warm woollen throws and cosy cushions add comfort and interest. Candles introduce a soft glow, while houseplants hint at the great outdoors. The key is balance – enough texture and warmth to soften the minimalism and prevent sterility.


Some key furniture types form the backbone of the Scandinavian interior. Firstly, slimline, open wood storage units. These could include sideboards, shelving units, wall racks or free-standing units on legs. The pale wood contrasts with the white walls, while the leggy designs maintain that sense of airiness. Next, wood dining tables and chairs. A simple, muted dining set makes for relaxed, fuss-free dining. Finally, minimalist sofas and armchairs, often in grey fabric with exposed legs. Built-in bench seating with storage is also common. Go for simple shapes without too much decoration. The furniture provides a neutral backdrop to layer texture and colour over.


Light, washed wood flooring is the quintessential Scandinavian flooring. The pale shade keeps things light and bright. If warmth is a priority, a white or neutral rug layered over the wood adds softness. Wood continues underfoot with simple sisal stair runners and natural fibre mats. Tiles can provide a practical alternative in kitchens and bathrooms – stick to neutral, natural tones for continuity. Concrete floors offer an edgy contrast and work nicely with the pared-back style. Just add a large rug for softness.


Texture prevents the minimalist look from feeling too stark. Knitted wool throws in muted neutral shades are perfect draped over sofas or chairs. Sheepskins and fur cushions up the cosy factor. Cotton, linen and leather add natural texture to soft furnishings – use them for curtains, cushions and bedding. Finally, add warmth underfoot with materials like jute, sisal and wool in rugs and mats. Mix up textures within a neutral colour palette for depth and interest.

Patterns and colours

Muted, earthy tones are the mainstay of the Scandinavian palette – cream, beige, grey, charcoal and black. Pale wood also features heavily. Add warmth through muted blues, greens, browns and burnt oranges. Pastel pinks, blues and yellows provide feminine contrast. Finally, make bright shades like turquoise, yellow and red accent colours in accessories and soft furnishings rather than crucial colours. Scale down pattern, too – narrow stripes and checks rather than full-on florals or geometrics. Let the textures and materials do the talking instead.


Lighting performs the vital role of adding warmth and intimacy. Wall-mounted downlights and pendant lamps keep things simple, focusing on functionality. Light wood, metallic finishes and tapered shapes suit the pared-back vibe. Use table lamps to create soft pools of light for ambience. Candles are integral, clustered on tables, mantelpieces, windowsills and in lanterns. Opt for beeswax rather than strongly scented – a soft honey glow complements the neutral scheme. Finally, make the most of natural light via large windows, doors and skylights. Sheer linen curtains filter rather than block sunlight.


A carefully curated selection of accessories gives the finishing touch. Pottery, glassware and decorative objects look best when kept streamlined. Go for neutral ceramics with minimal detail, clear glassware and objects in natural wood and stone. Introduce colour and pattern with cushions, throws, rugs and art – abstract prints and photography suit the look. Pile up coffee table books for depth. Keep walls relatively bare – just a few key pieces make more impact. The odd vintage item adds character, but, scale back ornamentation for a serene feel. Plants always add life – trailing varieties, succulents and air plants suit the informal vibe.

The wood-burning stove

A wood burner is the ultimate way to create a warm, cosy focal point. The clean-lined, minimal style allows the stove to take centre stage, becoming a striking feature without cluttering the room. Position it near seating or dining areas to enjoy the flickering flames and radiating warmth. Choose a simple iron or steel design rather than ornate cast iron. Include a log storage stand or a floor-standing rack to house logs neatly. The dark tones of the iron contrast with pale wood, concrete, or plaster walls for definition. Choose complementary neutral, textural soft furnishings to complete the look. Add a wood bucket or log carrier as a final rustic touch, going all out on the hygge!

With its functional furniture, textural warmth and muted palette, the Scandinavian interior style creates a welcoming, laid-back feel. Follow our tips to get the look in your home and make the most of a wood burner as a striking focal point. With the cosy informality of hygge as your inspiration, you can create a wonderfully liveable interior. Your scheme will offer a tranquil, characterful retreat from busy modern life.

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