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  • Small space stove solutions

    Working from home is becoming more popular than ever, people that do it are keen to keep home and work life separate. No one wants to give up a bedroom or a living room to a desk and computer. One of the best ways to do this is by reusing a garden space. Leaving the house for work without the commute gives a much-improved work/life balance. A trip down the garden path is always going to be better than one down the local by-pass! You could opt for a custom-built garden office, reuse the garage or fall back on the trusty shed, but whichever you choose it should be a warm and inviting place to work.

    Local artist Vicky took the plunge and now works from a garden room studio, she came to us for heating advice. She thought her studio's wooden panelling might make installing a real wood burner out of the question, but really wanted the comfort and cosiness of a stove if at all possible.

    Small space stove solution 1, aMendip Woodland stove in artists studio Mendip Woodland stove in artists studio

    Mendip Woodland 4.5kW Wood Stove

    We found Vicki the perfect small space stove solution in a new model from Mendip Stoves called the Woodland. This 4.5kW wood stove won "Best stove under 5kW" at the Hearth & Home 2016 awards. Older stoves just heat nearby objects but the Woodland is a convection stove that heats and circulates warm air all around the room. It has heat shield panels that enable convection heating and also allow the Woodland to be installed much nearer combustible materials than would be possible with older models.

    This means that the Woodland only needs a distance of 10cm from the wall and is suitable to sit on a 12mm hearth, making it perfect for a wood panelled garden studio where space is a premium. The Woodland is also Defra approved for use within smoke control areas so it is an all round winner with us too.

    Stoves for smaller spaces are becoming more popular and manufacturers are catching up with this new technology, here are our top picks for small space stove solutions.

    Loxton 3 SE

    Small space stove solution 2, a Loxton 3 SE stove Loxton 3 SE stove

    Another Mendip Stove with convection heating. The clearance at the rear can be just 10cm and 20cm to the sides. The Loxton 3 is Defra approved, has 86% heat efficiency and can easily heat spaces of up to 44.8 cubic metres.

    Charnwood Cove 1

    Small space stove solution 3 a Charnwood Cove 1 Defra Approved stove Charnwood Cove 1 Defra Approved stove

    The smallest of Charnwood's Cove range has an output from 2 - 6kW and uses patented Quattroflow air management for an exceptionally clean-burning stove with over 76% efficiency. Fit the Cove with optional heat shield panels and it can be installed with just 25cm distance to combustibles. The Cove is available in 8 colours and a number of stand options.

    Loxton 5 Maxi

    Small space stove solution 4 a Loxton 5 SE Maxi Defra Convection Stove Loxton 5 SE Maxi Defra Approved Convection Stove

    The Loxton 5 Maxi is perfect for a larger space, at 4.5kW it comfortably heats rooms up to 63 cubic metres. The 5 Maxi only needs 10cm distance to combustibles at the rear and 15cm to the sides. The wide door takes 30cm logs and it burns with over 79% heat efficiency.

    Whether you need a stove for a workspace or a small space contact our Hetas trained sales team to get impartial advice and the perfect small space stove solution.

  • EcoDesign - Tomorrow's Stoves Today

    Country Living Bembridge by Charnwood Country Living Bembridge Stove by Charnwood. One of the new stoves that exceed the 2022 Ecodesign Directives.

    Air pollution is often in the news with headlines screaming that owning a stove is irresponsible and that to use one is killing the planet. Read further into the article, and you'll find that official figures suggest wood smoke from residential heating accounts for less than 10% of the air pollution in cities and that the figure includes open fires which release far more particulates than stoves.

    The Stove Industry Alliance a group representing manufacturers, government departments and fuel producers has started to tackle the air pollution problem from within the industry. New European regulations on domestic solid fuel burners are to be introduced in 2022 through the Ecodesign program.

    Ecodesign is the new Europe-wide program to improve air quality and lower emissions and will become mandatory for all stoves in the UK by 2022.

    Stove manufacturers within the Stove Industry Alliance have risen to the challenges of Ecodesign and are already producing stoves that meet and exceed the new criteria.

    • Lower Particle Emissions
    • Lower CO Emissions
    • Higher Efficiencies
    • Improved Fuel Standards and Sustainability

    Making modern stoves a cost effective and fuel efficient option for households across the country and in particular for people who live off the gas grid.

    Lower Particle Emissions

    Ecodesign places a maximum level of 40 micrograms per cubic metre (40μg/M3) for airborne particulates in stove flue exhaust. Recent SIA tests have shown that modern, clean burning stoves reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80-84% compared to an old (10-year+) stove. Manufacturers such as Arada Stoves have slashed these limits in their latest products, with new stoves producing between 50% and even 75% less particulates than the proposed limits, making truly cleanburning stoves.

    Aarrow i400F freestanding wood stove The Aarrow i400F Defra approved wood stove with only 17 micrograms per cubic metre exceeds 2022 directive by over 57%

    Arada Farringdon 12kW Wood burning Stove Arada Farringdon 12kW stove with only 10 micrograms per cubic metre exceeds 2022 directive by 75%

    Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 wood stove Ecoburn Plus 7 wood burning stove with only 11 microgram per cubic metre of particulates exceeds 2022 directive by almost 75%


    Lower CO2 Emissions

    When correctly installed, modern stoves produce emissions of only 0.008 kg CO2 per kWh - compared to 0.198kg for gas, and 0.517kg for electricity.

    Carbon Dioxide per kiloWatt hour graph Graph showing carbon dioxide release from modern wood stoves compared to that of gas or electric fires.

    Higher Efficiency

    Redesigned modern stoves burn the exhaust gases as well as the wood, this increases the heat output of the stove, giving more heat per Kg of fuel and releases fewer particulates to the atmosphere.

    Improved Fuel Standards and Sustainability

    As well as helping to reduce household emissions, wood-burning stoves also provide a carbon neutral, sustainable heat source.

    Wood logs are a natural by-product of the thinning process when harvested from efficiently managed forests. Thinning is essential to the conservation of the forest and ensures sufficient light and space for the remaining trees to thrive. Felled trees are replaced and replanted which preserves the woodland for future use. Wood logs are therefore virtually carbon neutral, and as a result, woodland is being increasingly recognised as a valuable resource for sustainable fuel.

    Fuel standards are not just down to the woodsman, though; stove users have a part to play too. The wood fuel needs to be dry, a moisture content of less than 20% is recommended to get the most from a stove. Dried logs give as much as 4.5kW/h heat output whereas wet or fresh cut logs only produce 1.0kW/h.

    With the new technology and commitments from manufacturers and government, these stoves have the potential to reduce UK carbon emissions by two million tonnes per year by 2020. Good news for everyone!

    Here are a selection of stoves that already meet the Ecodesign 2022 directives

  • A Guide to Wood-Burning Stoves

    Tradional Wood Burning Stove in a Brick Fireplace. Two piles of firewood are placed at both sides of the stove and some fireplace accessories are visible at the left side of the photo.

    There’s something instinctive about burning wood to create fire. Since the dawn of civilisation, the dancing flames and crackling sound of burning wood have helped us keep safe and warm.

    Even though gas and renewable heating sources offer modern alternatives to firewood, more people than ever are currently giving into their firestarter urges by buying a wood-burning stove.

    If you’re one of those thinking about investing in a wood-burner, here’s our overview of the main things you need to consider.


    Choosing a style of stove for your home

    First, you’ll want to ensure your stove matches the interior decor of your home. From classical cast iron to appliances in a variety of colours and attractive finishes, stoves come in a wide array of designs nowadays.

    Many people think that wood-burning stoves are only for people with large houses and lots of living space; however, we stock a huge selection of narrow stoves that are perfect for smaller spaces.


    What output is appropriate for the room/space you want to heat?

    Direct Stoves - What output is appropriate for the room/space you want to heat?

    The ideal temperature for health and wellbeing is between 18ºC and 21ºC. To heat a room in this temperature range, you will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic metres of space (volume).

    For example, if the width of your room is 5 metres, the length is 6 metres and the height is 3 metres, the volume will measure 90 cubic metres. This will mean that you’ll need a wood-burning stove with over 6Kw output to heat the room to the temperature desired.

    It’s important to note that glazed or non-glazed windows, insulation, the age of your home and a range of other factors will influence heat requirements. However, you can get a rough idea of the heat output needed from your stove by using our KiloWatt Calculator.


    How big must the hearth be for a wood-burning stove?

    According to the Stove Industry Alliance, when installing a stove in the recess of an open fireplace, the hearth must extend 20 inches in front of the stove and six inches either side. The hearth for a stove that has doors which open out must extend to at least 12 inches from the front of the stove.


    What do they burn?

    This might sound obvious, but wood-burning stoves burn wood – and nothing else. Under no circumstances should coal or smokeless fuels be set alight in a wood-burner. If you think you might want to burn coal in addition to wood, a multi-fuel stove will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Show me a selection of multi-fuel stoves.


    How much does it cost to source suitable firewood?

    Chopped Firewood

    For wood-burning stoves to reach their full potential, you need to use the right wood. The general rule to follow when burning wood is drier equals better. Using damp logs with high levels of moisture will reduce your stove’s output and typically creates a lot of smoke.

    The price of wood varies from region to region. According to Which? kiln-dried wood is the most expensive and freshly cut logs, which still have a high level of moisture, tend to be the least expensive; however, kiln-dried wood offers the best heat output.

    Hardwoods such as oak and ash also take longer to burn than softer woods such as pine and fir, which makes them more economical.


    Do you want to boil water and heat a room as well?

    Boiler stoves provide hot water and run radiators, either separate to or as part of an existing central heating system. An article by This Is Money reported that many people found burning wood to be more cost-efficient than using electricity for both. This means boiler stoves can help cut the cost of energy bills by reducing your need to use electricity.

    Show we a wide selection of beautiful wood-burning boiler stoves.


    Can I use a wood-burning stove in smoke control areas?

    Many UK towns and cities are smoke control areas, which means you can’t emit smoke from a chimney unless you’re burning authorised fuels or using appliances that are exempt. The fine for breaking the rules is up to £1,000.

    DEFRA approved stoves are appliances that have been independently tested and certified to meet criteria for safe smoke emission levels. This means you can use them safely and legally in the many parts of the UK that are classified smoke control areas.

    Show me a selection of DEFRA approved wood-burning stoves.


    Do I need a chimney or air vent for a wood-burning stove?


    An adequate chimney is essential for wood-burning stoves for two reasons. The first is to carry smoke up and out of the house; and the second is to provide a draft to keep the fire burning. If your chimney can’t provide suitable ventilation for this second part, you might need to install a dedicated air vent before your wood-burning stove works properly.

    For more information, please refer to our dedicated stove chimney and air vent guides, or contact our friendly team today.


    What is an Airwash system?

    Am Airwash system is a highly desirable feature of high-quality wood-burning stoves. It uses a vent to draw cool air into the firebox, which is then heated and pushed across the glass panel in the stove’s door. This ensures the glass panel stays cleaner for longer and you get to enjoy the stove’s beautiful flames to their fullest.

    For more information about exactly how an Airwash system works, click here.


    Wood-burning stove maintenance and safety tips

    Chimney Sweep

    Although wood-burning stoves are easy to maintain, there are a several simple steps you can take to keep it safe and in good working order.

    For instance, the Stove Industry Alliance recommend hiring a trained professional to sweep your chimney at the beginning and the end of each year’s heating season.

    Clearing out your stove’s ash pan and cleaning the glass regularly is also advisable. However, leaving a layer of ash in the grate helps to start and keep a fire burning, so it’s best to check the manufacturer’s manual for specific guidance on how often your stove needs cleaning out.

    If you have small children or pets, it’s also a good idea to place a fireguard around the stove. At the same time, installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can help ensure you and your family stay stove safe.


    Buying a wood-burning stove

    Direct Stoves is one of the UK's leading online retailers of wood-burning stoves. We stock a huge choice of wood-burners from leading brands, including Arada, Charnwood, Esse, Hunter and many more. To make sure you get the stove you want, we offer:

    • Free UK delivery–  on all products
    • Finance options – spread the cost of your wood-burning stove
    • Price match promise – find the same stove cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match the price

    Browse our range or contact our expert sales team for more information today.

  • 9 Exceptional Multi-Fuel and Wood-Burning Stoves for Small Spaces


    If you have a small home, house boat, garden room or any other living area where space is at a premium, there’s no need to pour water on your dreams of a fire just yet. These days you can choose from a wide selection of small stoves for small spaces. What’s more, each of the following nine narrow stoves are DEFRA approved, which means you can use them safely and legally in the many parts of the UK that are classified smoke control areas.

    Whoever said good things come in small packages was clearly onto something.

    1. Hamlet Hardy 4 Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stove


    As the smallest stove in Hamlet’s range, the Hardy makes an excellent choice for squeezing into a tight spot. As a multi-fuel stove, it burns wood or solid fuel and maximises efficiency by also using exhaust gases for fuel. Hamlet's 10-year stove body warranty and an impressive airwash system that keeps the stove’s glass clear and soot-free just add to the exceptional value offered by this small but powerful burner.

    2. Mendip Loxton 3


    Released in 2016, the new Loxton has a reduced distance to combustibles. This means you can place it closer to combustible materials such as plasterboard found in walls, ensuring it fits even better with the smaller room size of many modern homes. Despite its modest size, the Loxton is feature-packed and includes an air flow system for optimal combustion and convection top plate which provides a better flow of heat around the room.

    3, Beltane Brue SE Multi-Fuel Stove


    The Beltane Brue boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 86%, making it one of the most economical mini stoves available to buy. With a durable 5mm cast iron grate, large viewing window and superb airwash system, the Brue is functional, easy on the eye and will complement a wide variety of interior design schemes.

    4. Aarrow Acorn View 4 Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove


    As the latest stove in its range, the Acorn View 4 has a much larger glass window than previous models, allowing you to better enjoy the beautiful flames roaring inside. Aarrow’s lifetime stove body guarantees this Acorn is efficient, easy to operate and built to last. Plus, it comes with the option of a clip-in boiler you can use to generate hot water for your home.

    5. Hunter Hawk 4 Defra Multi Fuel Stove


    This awesome stove can produce up to 4.5 kW of heat from logs and smokeless fuels. As a small but fiery stove, the Hunter Hawk can squeeze into the tightest spots without compromising on heat output. Additional features include canopy options and a cool-touch riddling handle for removing excess ash safely.

    6. Hunter Herald 8 Slimline


    The Hunter Herald 8 is an outstanding slimline stove that comes with a small 5-inch (125mm) flue for easy installation. Despite having less depth than larger models, this small but mighty stove can accommodate large logs close to 20 inches long. Thanks to its Cleanburn system, the Hunter Herald can also deliver a heat output of up to 6kW, helping to keep you toasty and warm.

    7. Cast Tec Juno 5 Multi Fuel Stove


    The Juno is one of the most feature-packed small stoves on the market. Its triple burn technology – consisting of primary air burn, airwash secondary burn and tertiary air – ensures the stove always directs heat to the right places and has an impressive 79% efficiency rating. At the same time, its arched door design, extra-large glass window and classic cast iron aesthetic ensure the Juno is as beautiful as it is powerful. Showroom exclusive, not available online.

    8. Bohemia X40 Cube


    There’s no doubt that the X40 Cube’s minimalist and contemporary design catches the eye. However, it’s under the hood where this small stove really impresses. Primary and secondary air sliders give you controllability over the heat output; a Skamolex lined chamber ensures the stove retains heat even after the fire has gone out; and an outstanding airwash system keeps its glass clear from soot, leaving you free to enjoy the wonders of the log fire burning inside.

    9. Parkray Consort 9 Slimline


    Generating a heat output of up to 8kW, the Parkray Consort 9 Slimline is the most powerful narrow stove on this list. It even comes with the option of a clip-in boiler powerful enough to heat your home’s hot water and as many as three additional radiators. Throw in a wide door capable of accommodating large logs and clean burn technology for super-efficient fuel use and you have an impressive stove with capabilities that reach far beyond its compact frame. Showroom exclusive, not available online.


    We hope these exceptional narrow stoves have proven that your dreams of owning a wood-burning stoves can come true, even if you have a small home or living space.

    At Direct Stoves, we stock a wide variety of wood burners and multi-fuel stoves. We also offer finance options to help you spread the cost of buying your stove over time. You can contact our team for expert advice on finding the right stove or you can visit our Stockport showroom to find out more.

  • Small Stoves, Big Heat

    Small Stoves

    Small stoves, small in stature, big on heating. Our collection of stoves in the 5kW or under category are still big enough to heat a 70M2 room.

    With lots of contemporary and traditional designs, we have the perfect small stoves to fit in with your decor, whether you're going for loft apartment chic or homely country cottage.  As authorised dealers, we can offer 10-year warranties on many of the stoves we sell, as well as great finance options and free UK delivery.

    Use our Stove Calculator to check which size stove you need; it is easy to use. Just type in your room dimensions and let us know how much insulation it has; old and draughty = Poor, and modern, airtight = Good.

    Clicking Submit gives you links to filtered pages of suitable stoves. Choose from Defra, wood or multifuel in a range of styles and colours.

    Here are five of our most popular small stoves:

    Flavel Arundel 4.9kW Multifuel Stove.

    Small Stoves: Flavel Arundel 4.9kW Multifuel stove

    First introduced by Flavel at the end of 2015 the Arundel has become a top seller for us. This multifuel stove looks great in its contemporary metallic black finish with polished steel control and door handles. The Arundel is simple to operate, burns wood or smokeless coal, has Defra approval for use in Smoke Control areas, comes at a fantastic price and has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

    See more info on the Flavel Arundel Stove.

    Gallery Classic 5 Multifuel Defra Stove.

    Small Stoves: Gallery Classic 5 Multifuel Defra Stove

    The Gallery Classic 5 couldn't be more different than the Arundel. It has a completely traditional stove look, conjuring images of country cottages. This hard-working little stove has a 4.9kW output and a 79% heat efficiency, Gallery are so sure of this cast iron stove they give it a 10 year guarantee.

    See more info on the Gallery Classic 5 Multifuel Defra Stove.

    Hunter Compact 5 Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stove

    Small Stoves: Hunter Compact 5 Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stove

    The Hunter Compact 5 is a popular choice; Defra approval for Smoke control areas, classic looks, single or double doors and black or brass handle options. This traditional stove gives out up to 5.5kW of heat and has a five year manufacturers warranty.

    See more info on the Hunter Compact 5 Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stove.

    Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Defra Approved Wood Burning Stove

    Arrow Ecoburn Plus 5 wood burning stove with optional logstore stand

    Part of the Aarrow Ecoburn range, the Ecoburn Plus 5 is a fantastic little performer. Available as a wood (pictured) or multifuel burner this is a little stove you can really warm to. It has a lifetime guarantee and is available with optional raised stand or log store stand (pictured).

    See more info on the Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Defra Approved Wood Burning Stove.

    Charnwood C-Four DEFRA Approved Wood Burning / Multifuel Stove

    Small Stoves: Charnwood C-Four DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove

    Last, but definitely not least comes the Charnwood C-Four. Developed in 2011 the C-Four has become the stove to measure all small stoves to. It's impressive feature list includes; wood or multifuel burning, external air kit, easy to operate single control, various stand and logstore options and a choice of 8 colours! Making it truly a small stove for all homes.

    See more info on the Charnwood C-Four DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove.

    We hope our run down of some of our most popular small stoves has given you some inspiration on which to choose? If you're still undecided, contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help you choose your perfect small stove.