Useful Stove Guides

We want to ensure you find the ideal stove heating solution for your home and would like to assist you every step of the way. We have created this page to provide advice on some of the finer details of purchasing a stove, including installation methods, fuel types, and styling options.

Please refer to our news section to read up-to-date stove industry news. Please contact our expert team if you are unsure of your choices after reading our guides. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ for more interior design inspiration, we are always happy to assist.

  • Glossary

    Direct Stoves glossary list

    Use our handy glossary if we get too technical. We deal with stoves and fireplaces every day and sometimes we get carried away with the jargon and terminology.

  • Guide to Solid Fuels

    Direct Stoves Solid Fuel Guide

    Here's our quick round-up of some of the most common solid fuel options available in the UK
    Read our guide to help you decide which solid fuel option is best for you.

  • Chimney Fire Guide

    Direct Stoves Chimney Fire Guide

    Burning wood or solid fuel has it's risks. Learn how to look after your chimney.
    Find out how to spot the warning signs, treat chimney fires and avoid them in our guide.

  • Guide to Stove Sizes

    Direct Stoves sizing stoves Guide

    4kW, 8kW, 16kW so many stoves how do you choose?
    Read our guide to the importance of correct sizing and use our calculator to find the best stoves for your home.

  • Service Your Stove In Summer

    Direct Stoves Summer Service Guide

    Summer is the perfect time to give your stove a service. With a little care it's quite easy to do and you'll be ready for the cold weather
    Read our stove servicing guide.

  • Chimney Guide

    Direct Stoves Chimney Guide

    Find out how height, location, construction and even the number of bends in a chimney can affect your stove's performance and efficiency. Read our chimney guide.

  • Practicalities of Owning a Stove

    The Practicalities of Owning a Stove

    There are a few questions that you’ll need to answer to find out if you can fit a stove in your home. Suitability, cost, and fuel type are important factors. Find out if you can.

  • Smoke Control Explained

    Smoke Control Explained

    Smoke control areas or smoke-free zones have long been enforced in many large UK towns and cities.
    How does this affect you when it's time for a new stove?

  • Understanding Carbon Neutral

    Direct Stoves Carbon Neutral Guide

    Carbon Neutral? What is it and how does it impact me?
    Are stoves carbon neutral and how do they affect the environment?
    Our short guide answers your questions.

  • Introduction to Wood Stoves

    Direct Stoves Wood Burning Stoves Guide

    Many terms are used to describe a wood burning appliance; wood burning stove, wood burner or a wood stove but in essence they do the same thing. Is a stove right for you?

  • Introduction to Multi Fuel Stoves

    Direct Stoves Multi Fuel Stoves Guide

    Modern multifuel stoves are popular sellers on our site. Their ability to burn many fuel types coupled with ease of use make them ideal for modern use. Find out more in our simple guide.

  • Guide to Back Boiler Stoves

    Direct Stoves Boiler Stoves Guide

    Gas and electric price rises have made the search for alternative heat sources more urgent. Boiler stoves provide hot water in addition to room heat. We stock many that will heat your entire home.

  • What Is Airwash?

    What Is Airwash? A Direct Stoves Guide

    Stoves without airwash tend to get tar deposits on their glass, causing the glass to blacken over time, airwash stops this happening.
    Find out how in our airwash guide.

  • Why Do I Need An Air Vent?

    Direct Stoves Why Do I Need An Air Vent?

    What's the point of spending all that money on a stove if I've got to make a great big hole in the wall? Won't an air vent make it colder than before? Read our air vent guide for all the info.