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Seasons Grillings! Direct Stoves’ Christmas gift ideas for the person who has everything…

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As well we all know, it’s well and truly the season for giving. There’s always that someone though, who is just impossible to shop for. So, what do you get for the person who has everything? We’ll give you a clue; it’s not another pair of socks.

More importantly, what does someone get who wants to treat themselves this Christmas?

Well, if that special someone (and yes, that’s you) enjoys beautiful food, quality time spent with family and friends and a brand new toy to play with, then we have some cracking Christmas gift ideas.

Ok, so outdoor living might not be the first thing on your mind over the Christmas period, and yes you might be feeling the chill somewhat – but we have some seasonal solutions that are a hit all year round.

Chesneys Heat and Grill Outdoor Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

The award winning Chesneys Heat & Grill is a high performance dual-function heater barbecue and it’s perfect for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or those who are simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often.

It uses the same eco-friendly technology as a Chesneys wood burning stove, producing little or no smoke and emitting substantial amounts of glowing heat. Not only that, it looks amazing and would truly provide the wow factor when unwrapped on Christmas morning…

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Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set

Morso are a company of Danish designers who have delivered a deluxe outdoor oven that ticks all the boxes (and some extra ones too). The Morso Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven set is ideal for that special someone who deserves it all.

Cook the food of your dreams on the versatile Forno outdoor pizza oven (sat atop a sturdy table on wheels) which is ideal for cooking a range of dishes from juicy tender steaks to smoked salmon, homemade pizzas to delicious lamb (and maybe even your Christmas Turkey). The possibilities truly are endless. Also included is a cook book, cover, tongs, scraper, pizza peel and more.


Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

Aside from it being a part of the Deluxe set featured above, as a standlone gift the Morso Forno outdoor oven is an absolute wonder on its own too. With a beautiful design that allows not just to cook simply stunning dishes, it also offers a warming glow and would add a beautiful scandavanian style to any outdoor space.

It doesn’t matter if the snow is falling around you, not only will you be nice and toasty stood by the Morso Forno – you’ll be cooking up a storm too.


Esse Garden Stove And Outdoor Grill

The Esse Garden Stove allows you to give the gift of simplicity this Christmas. Easy to function, easy to manoeuvre and easy to clean – you can enjoy your favourite garden corner long into the evening with this excellent log burner to warm you. Lift the hotplate top, and there’s a grill to cook your BBQ snacks or leave it down for pans or kettles, plus the detachable wheels make it easy to move into the shed or garage once it’s cooled.

This Garden Stove is hand-built by Esse in Great Britain using UK steel, UK cast parts and is complete with supplied flue pipe.


Morso Balcone Outdoor Electric Grill

A perfect present for anyone who lives in the city, where space is at a premium.  The Morso Balcone electric grill  is perfect for balconies, small outdoor spaces or anywhere with an electrical supply. You can use the Balcone in or outdoors as a tabletop grill or add the optional balcony mounting kit to fix it your balcony. Now even apartment, flat and high-rise dwellers can get their fill of freshly barbequed foods – Merry Christmas!


ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven

Forget Turkey butties, how about putting your Christmas dinner leftovers on a pizza this holiday season..? You can enjoy a slice of the most authentic and tasty pizza (plus other delicious dishes too), cooked in just minutes by the ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven and it’s sister models the ACR Vita Wood Fired Pizza Oven and the ACR Bravo Pizza Oven.

Designed in Italy, and carefully crafted from top quality materials for that perfect, Italian dining experience. these log fired pizza ovens can reach temperatures around 500 degrees in 30 minutes,  As well as cooking Pizza, this ACR VitaMax can also be used for roasting, slow cooking and a host of additional delicious foods. Positioned on a moveable shelf, the ACR VitaMax is at a perfect height for cooking, whilst also giving the user the space and facility to store utensils, food, drinks and logs underneath on on the side shelves.


Chesneys Garden Gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove

We’re back with our old friends Chesney’s for this gift idea, and the Garden gourmet Wood Burning Barbecue and Outdoor Stove. This one is for the entertainers, and has a modern sleek design, highly durable and powerful heat output, which offers luxurious outdoor cooking. The Garden Gourmet is large enough to cook for around 10-12 people and can be used to slow cook a huge 4-rib roast at low temperatures as the lid is fully sealed, alternatively you can bring it up to temperature to bake some perfectly fudgy brownies.

A gift within a gift, The Garden Gourmet comes complete with a Digital Thermometer, Pair of Stove Gloves, a Weatherproof Cover and more too…


Morso Grill 71 Outdoor Barbecue

The grill 71 is said to be what taught the Danes how to grill… so, could you teach someone a thing or two this Christmas? With a classical appearance which can only enhance an outdoor space, the Morso 71 grate is made from solid enamelled cast iron for perfect grilling, and if your grill becomes too hot simply swing the grate away from the coal pit. Not only that, The grate is easy to clean and needs little maintenance and makes a perfect present for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

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Buschbeck Carmen Masonry Barbecue

The Buschbeck Carmen barbecue fireplace will conjure up a holiday atmosphere in any garden setting (even in the middle of winter!) The natural grey in the main body of the barbecue is nicely complimented by the attractive terracotta base and mantle piece. Whilst the Buschbeck Carmen requires no additional surface treatments for the duration of its working life the fact that much of the “stonework” is in natural grey means that if required the Carmen can be painted with masonry paint to suit any particular colour scheme required – extra DIY for the one you love!

The double skinned construction of the Carmen means it can burn several different types of fuel allowing you to start off cooking on charcoal and then moving on to logs or firewood when you want to sit round the fireplace to keep nice and warm! For cooking, the Buschbeck Carmen has four adjustable cooking heights and comes with a heavy duty chrome grill with plenty of space to grill on for even the hungriest of gatherings.

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Morso Grill Forno II Outdoor Barbecue

Yet another Christmas cracker from Morso, the Forno II grill has a large opening, allowing for an even greater view of the fire giving you that bonfire feel. The internal cast iron grate has also been updated allowing it to work as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid, which also allows for increased oxygen intake that improves the burning conditions greatly.

Once you have finished cooking on the Grill Forno II you can sit leisurely by it and enjoy the warmth of the crackling of logs as the cool of the evening sets in.

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There you have it! Ten truly tremendous heating and grilling gizmos that will provide THE perfect gift this Christmas, and if none of those are jingling your sleigh bells, then there is plenty more to be found below…

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