Saturday, June 25

La Nordica Launch First Defra Approved Range Cooker

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With the increased use of stoves and wood burning range cookers not only in rural areas but also in the suburbs it has now become necessary for manufacturers to make Defra Approved range cookers. Only one has managed it so far and that is La Nordica.

Their full range contemporary wood burning range cookers are now the only wood burning range cookers on the market that are approved to be used in smoke control zones. That also includes the Thermo Suprema DSA boiler cooker making to possible to not only use the cooker to cook your Sunday roast on but also heat your home. This is another first as its makes the Thermo Suprema DSA the first wood burning boiler cooker to receive approval for use in smokeless zones in the UK.

The Thermo Suprema DSA Wood Burning Stove (along with associated parts) also qualifies for the reduced 5% VAT rate as part of a nationwide government incentive.

See the Thermo Suprema DSA Wood Burning Stove on Direct Stoves


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