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Introducing Firepit from Hergom, an Outdoor Grilling Sensation

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Much more than just its name suggests, “Firepit” from Hergom is sure to give your summer an extra sizzle.

Delivering the quality heat that only cast iron can deliver, your outdoor space will benefit from a sensational centrepiece with this excellent piece of craftmanship.

Shop the Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (High Base)

Perfect for gatherings with family or friends in your garden or patio, not only does Firepit radiate heat, it also doubles up as an outdoor grill.

The outer ring is made up of four segments, in which you can combine two plates and two grates, also made of cast iron.

Shop the Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (Low Base)

When lighting the fire, they quickly reach the perfect temperature for cooking and maintain it for a long time, thanks to the thermal inertia of the iron.

Because of their enamelling, a protective finish suitable for food use, they are very durable and ideal to cook on.

Shop the Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (High Base)

When using Firepit to cook, the fire does not touch the food directly but the wood smoke aroma helps create some delicious flavours.

Cast iron grills are perfect for browning meat and sealing in flavour, and provide excellent heat retention.

What type of firewood should I use?

It must always be well dry and fungus free.

Use hard wood to cook thick meats  as the embers last longer.

Oak, beech or walnut provide different shades of smoke: experiment and try them!

The woods of almond, apple, cherry and other fruit trees provide fruity aromas.

Tip: add aromatic plant branches to the fire.

Resinous woods (pine, fir) are short-lived and smoke excessively; they are not recommended.

Low Base Model, perfect for sitting around

Shop the Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (Low Base)


Direct Stoves can provide Firepit from Hergom in its two forms; with both its Low or High Base. Head to the Direct Stoves website below to see more images and buy the Hergom Firepit ready for a sizzling summer of meat and heat.


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