Sunday, August 14

Get your FREE Wood Basket with a Eurostove branded Solid Fuel Burning Stove

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As well as the warming, crackling sights and sounds of a solid fuel stove, there is plenty of joy to be found in the accessories that accompany them.

While you can decorate your fireplace surround with elegant tiling, stove accessories tend to be more practical; with wood moisture meters, Stove fans and Thermometers just some of the extras mentioned in our recent blog: What Parts and Accessories Do I Need to Fit a Stove?

Aesthetically, it is log storage that really helps to increase the visual appeal of stoves, and while Log Store Stoves are an option on some models, they can often be more expensive , or you simply might not have the space for them.

That’s where log baskets come in, offering up a practical and eye catching accessory for your stove.

Sounds great right? Well, how about this for some good news:

International stove manufacturers are offering baskets FREE OF CHARGE, with the purchase of any Solid Fuel Stove from three featured brands in the Direct Stoves range; Hergom Stoves, Mendip Stoves and Westfire Stoves.

So, simply head to Direct and purchase a Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stove from one of the three brands mentioned above, and you will get a log basket for FREE.

*Please note this is subject to availability and the basket you receive is down to the discretion of the manufacturer. This offer runs from 19th July – 31st October .

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