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Father’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas from Direct Stoves

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Father’s Day lands this year on Sunday 19th June – and if you’re ever so slightly last minute with your present plans then don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

As the summer season really starts to sizzle, we have the perfect gifts for the Dad in your life, meaning that you’ll not only be the golden child – but also guarantee some fantastic family time in the great outdoors.

Below you can browse some of our finest Outdoor Living collection , with a wide range of prices to help you pick the perfect present this Father’s Day.

Arada Delta Fire Pits

The Delta fire pit from Arada Stoves is perfect for the garden or the beach, this firepit can go with you anywhere and let you stay even after the sun goes down.

The Delta is made from laser-cut steel pieces that easily slot together, and apart, making it the perfect firepit to take everywhere.

Available in three sizes the medium Delta fire pit measures 70cm wide when assembled. A small Arada Delta fire pit (51cm) is also available, as well as a large Arada Delta fire pit (89cm).

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Morso Balcone Outdoor Electric Grill

A perfect present for anyone who lives in the city, where space is at a premium. The Morso Balcone electric grill is perfect for balconies, small outdoor spaces or anywhere with an electrical supply. Y

You can use the Balcone in or outdoors as a tabletop grill or add the optional balcony mounting kit to fix it your balcony. Now even apartment, flat and high-rise dwellers can get their fill of freshly barbecued foods!

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Morso Grill Forno II Outdoor Barbecue

Yet another gorgeous grill from Morso, the Forno II has a large opening, allowing for an even greater view of the fire giving you that bonfire feel. The internal cast iron grate has also been updated allowing it to work as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid, which also allows for increased oxygen intake that improves the burning conditions greatly.

Once you have finished cooking on the Grill Forno II you can sit leisurely by it and enjoy the warmth of the crackling of logs as the cool of the evening sets in.

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ACR Vita Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Does your Dad fancy himself as a pizza perfectionist? You can enjoy a slice of the most authentic and tasty pizza (plus other delicious dishes too), cooked in just minutes by the ACR VitaMax Pizza Oven and it’s sister models the ACR Vita Wood Fired Pizza Oven and the ACR Bravo Pizza Oven.

Designed in Italy, and carefully crafted from top quality materials for that perfect, Italian dining experience. these log fired pizza ovens can reach temperatures around 500 degrees in 30 minutes, As well as cooking Pizza, this ACR VitaMax can also be used for roasting, slow cooking and a host of additional delicious foods. Positioned on a moveable shelf, the ACR VitaMax is at a perfect height for cooking, whilst also giving the user the space and facility to store utensils, food, drinks and logs underneath on on the side shelves.

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Charnwood Fireball Fire Pit

The Charnwood Fire Ball is a simple yet effective outdoor fire bowl. This iconic piece is cut from mild steel and supplied as a boxed flat pack kit. The satisfaction of building this product is all part of the experience. All that is required is an hour of your time, pair of pliers, gloves and a hammer. When in use we recommend placing the fireball on a non-combustible base such as a concrete paving slab. The Fire Ball is designed to naturally oxidise over time. Outdoor use only.

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Esse Garden Stove And Outdoor Grill

The new Esse Garden stove is an enclosed wood-burning stove designed for the outdoors. Enjoy your favourite garden corner long into the evening with this excellent log burner to warm you. Lift the hotplate top, and there’s a grill to cook your BBQ snacks or leave it down for pans or kettles.

The detachable wheels make it easy to move into the shed or garage once it’s cooled. This Garden Stove is hand-built by Esse in Great Britain using UK steel, UK cast parts and is complete with supplied flue pipe.

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Mi-Fire Kamado Barbecue and Grill


This could well be THE perfect Father’s Day present. Everyone loves a brand new toy, and there are few better than this.

Kamado is a word of Japanese origin, meaning a system of cooking in which a clay or ceramic cooker is used. In the past, they were made from mud, clay and later cement, and used natural resources as fuel, such as stones, wood or coal. Modern Kamado grills are charcoal fuelled ceramic grills which allow for efficient heating and minimal flavour contamination.

The durability of the Mi-Fire Grill is second to none; they do not rust and they will not crack. Mi-Fire Grills have precise temperature control giving exceptional results with cooking temperatures from 80°C up to 350°C. All metal work is rust resistant stainless steel. Mi-Fire Kamado Grills will let you prepare your food by means of slow cooking, grilling, baking or smoking, the Mi-Fire Grill allows you to achieve the perfect results by combining the advantages of a classic grill with those of a stone oven.

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Kindling Cracker

The Kindling Cracker Original Firewood Splitter is the award-winning firewood splitter that makes it easy and safe to split wood. Perfect for those with a wood burner, fireplace or pizza oven. This smaller model is also ideal for taking away on camping trips with the family.

Kindling Cracker is a wood splitter anyone can use, both young and old, small and big. With hundreds of thousands sold worldwide, the Kindling Cracker has quickly become the new go-to tool for splitting firewood.

The larger Kindling Cracker King Firewood Splitter is almost twice as big as the Kindling Cracker Original, which means that you can split firewood that is both longer and wider.

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Hergom Fire Pit

The Hergom Firepit is much more than a barbecue. It is the quality heat that only cast iron can offer, in your garden or terrace. Enjoy a beautiful central fire surrounded by a ring where you can cook on the grill or grill, while radiating a pleasant heat: perfect for gatherings with family or friends, creating the surrounding atmosphere.

This product features a steel base with firewood box finished in special weatherproof paint, stainless steel side bars and a cast iron grill ring with enamel finish.  The Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (High Base) is the perfect height for cooking , providing a perfect centrepiece to your outdoor experience, while the Hergom Firepit Outdoor Grill (Low Base) is an ideal firepit.

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Wovenhill Log Baskets

For a less pricey but equally awesome accessory, discover our entire election of beautiful Wovenhill log baskets.

These fireside companions are the perfect present to keep your hearth tidy and avoid trailing chippings from the log pile to the stove.

Direct Stoves supply Wovenhill log baskets in a number of sizes and styles and all have a washable inner liner and make for a great last minute gift!

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