Thursday, May 26

ESSE unveils Flueless Gas Stove line up

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ESSE has unveiled it’s “new and improved” flueless gas stove line up for 2014 which includes a range of models comprising of flueless range cookers, flueless gas stoves and wall-mounted fires.

ESSE Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Blewitt said: “Our flueless stoves and Firewalls offer the perfect solution for a wide range of different scenarios. Whether someone has an inglenook but no working chimney, or no chimney at all, flueless gas stoves create a stunning, warming focal point. Our Firewall range is ideal for contemporary homes and is available in a number of different sizes and finishes. With these models homeowners can come in from the cold and have instant welcoming warmth with the simple turn of a dial

The ESSE FG500 features a ceramic log effect and thermostatic control. With an operating range of between 1.6kW and 3.3kW, the FG500 has a recommended retail price of £1029.14 excluding VAT.

The Firewall comes in five sizes with a choice of black glass or stone finishes. the 39 inch portrait model has an operating range of 1.6kW – 3.3kW and retails at £499.17 excluding VAT.

Comenting on the technology and running costs of the range Mark added: “Offering immediacy, control and simplicity of installation, flueless models also offer an environmental benefit: homeowners can lower their carbon footprint by choosing these energy efficient products. By using the latest catalytic technology, all burnt gas emissions are ‘scrubbed’ clean and leave the stove as warm clean air. This offers amazing levels of efficiency because no energy is wasted up flue. All heat generated comes into the room and this, in turn, lowers running costs. The high temperature catalytic process can even help remove odours in the home and neutralise airborne particles such as dust mites creating a healthier home environment.”

See the ESSE range at Direct Stoves right here.


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