Please can you let me know if the glass stays clear? (i.e. doesn't blacken except small amounts when not running at optimal temperature.) Thank you.

asked by Heather on 8 August 2017

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Hi Heather,
Thank you for your question.
Yes, the Tiger stove has an Airwash system that uses specially placed vents to draw in air from the outside to wash over the inside of the glass. This helps to keep the glass clean.
The user manual says: " Extended use at low output can result in stains on the window, which will usually disappear when the stove is used on 'high'. Reduce the risk of staining by using only very dry fuel."
Our top tip for cleaning glass is to take a sheet of damp newspaper, dip it in the ashes and rub the glass. This removes most of the tar deposits that lead to dirty glass.
Hope this helps?
Kind regards,

Customer Support answered on 8 August 2017