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For the Distance to Combustibles - Sides 600mm is that 600mm from the edge of the stove to the combustible material on both sides? So the fire surround would have to be 600+600+width of stove?

asked by Jude on 21 September 2018

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Hi Jude,
Thank you for your question.
If you are installing the stove fully inside a fireplace chamber the distance to combustibles would not affect the fire surround.
If you are installing the stove protruding from the fireplace chamber and intend to use a wooden surround then yes, the distance to combustibles will become a factor.
Please see the Aspect Stove user guide for more information on d-t-c (Pages 10 &11) on the downloads tab or feel free to call our stove experts on 0845 450 8351
Kind regards,

Customer Support answered on 21 September 2018