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How should the vents in the doors and at the top front of the stove be set for the best wood burning performance

asked by ken shepherd on 8 March 2017

Answer here

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Hi Ken,
Thank you for your question.
Here's what Hunter says in their user manual (Downloads tab on product page):
To get the best results when burning wood, have both the air sliders fully open (both levers fully to the right) when starting your fire, use 1 or 2 firelighters.
Once these have established flames, place kindling in a criss-cross pattern over the firelighters and close the door.
When the kindling is well alight you can gradually add larger pieces of wood, closing the door afterwards.
Once the fire is established, gradually close the Primary air slider in the door by sliding to the left.
Then control the fire using the Secondary air slider above the door to raise or lower the rate of burn.
Hope this helps?
Kind regards,

Customer Support answered on 9 March 2017