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can you advise whether the register plate comes with the collar and brackets? and whether the flue liner pack comes withflue hanging cowel?

asked by Sandra on 11 January 2018

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Hi Sandra,
thank you for your question.
The free register plate is our standard 1000x500mm galvanised steel register plate it doesn't have a hole cut in it your stove fitter would do this and fit it. We don't include fixings as each fitter has their preferred method of fixing them.
The Flue liner pack contains a flue adaptor which connects the stove pipe to the flexible flue liner, Dura Flue flexible flue liner (6" diameter and 316 Grade) cut to the required length and a 6" pot hanger rain cap this supports the flue liner from the top of the chimney and also acts as a bird guard and rain cap.
Hope this helps?
Kind regards

Customer Support answered on 11 January 2018